Microsoft patents granted on 06 November 2007

67 US patents granted on 06 November 2007 and assigned to Microsoft

1 7,293,283 Flexible electronic message security mechanism
2 7,293,280 Skimming continuous multimedia content
3 7,293,275 Enhanced video content information associated with video programs
4 7,293,269 Method and system for identifying program module functionality needed by a computer when disconnected from a network
5 7,293,261 Language-neutral representation of software code elements
6 7,293,257 Method and system for efficient testing of sequences of computer-related operations
7 7,293,256 Debugger causality system and methods
8 7,293,254 Extensibility application programming interface and framework for meta-model objects
9 7,293,251 Initiating and debugging a process in a high assurance execution environment
10 7,293,246 System and method for aligning objects using non-linear pointer movement
11 7,293,245 Categorical user interface for navigation within a grid
12 7,293,243 Application sharing viewer presentation
13 7,293,239 Controlling access to protected data and assessment functions via browser redirection
14 7,293,232 Source code editor for editing multilanguage documents
15 7,293,229 Ensuring proper rendering order of bidirectionally rendered text
16 7,293,227 Associating image files with media content
17 7,293,202 Isolating the evaluation of actual test results against expected test results from the test module that generates the actual test results
18 7,293,201 System and method for active diagnosis and self healing of software systems
19 7,293,178 Methods and systems for maintaining an encrypted video memory subsystem
20 7,293,173 Methods and systems for protecting information in paging operating systems
21 7,293,171 Encryption to BCC recipients with S/MIME
22 7,293,150 Method and system for creating and restoring an image file
23 7,293,117 Self-installing peripheral device with memory wherein in response to user request for additional storage peripheral device being configured to remove installation software stored on memory
24 7,293,104 Location measurement process for radio-frequency badges
25 7,293,095 Method of session payload editing
26 7,293,072 Method and system for modifying host application functionality based upon downloaded content
27 7,293,049 Accounting for update notification in synchronizing data that may be represented by different data structures
28 7,293,047 Synchronization view
29 7,293,046 Accounting for update notifications in synchronizing data that may be represented by different data structures
30 7,293,045 Accounting for update notifications in synchronizing data that may be represented by different data structures
31 7,293,044 Method and system for verifying integrity of storage
32 7,293,041 Token-based object description
33 7,293,037 Database aggregation query result estimator
34 7,293,036 Compressing database workloads
35 7,293,034 Dynamically customizing a user interface for the aggregation of content
36 7,293,021 Method and system for providing dynamic capability discovery and use
37 7,293,019 Principles and methods for personalizing newsfeeds via an analysis of information novelty and dynamics
38 7,293,017 Presentation-level content filtering for a search result
39 7,293,016 Index partitioning based on document relevance for document indexes
40 7,293,015 Method and system for detecting user intentions in retrieval of hint sentences
41 7,293,013 System and method for constructing and personalizing a universal information classifier
42 7,293,012 Friendly URLs
43 7,293,007 Method and system for identifying image relatedness using link and page layout analysis
44 7,292,986 Method and apparatus for displaying speech recognition progress
45 7,292,956 Federated sensing, analysis, summarization, and sharing of data for healthcare
46 7,292,737 Unified bayesian framework for shape registration
47 7,292,735 Virtual image artifact detection
48 7,292,727 Electronic ink as a software object
49 7,292,726 Recognition of electronic ink with late strokes
50 7,292,450 High density surface mount part array layout and assembly technique
51 7,292,418 Leakage current interrupter with sustained overvoltage and/or overcurrent protection
52 7,292,257 Interactive viewpoint video system and process
53 7,292,249 Appropriately rendering a graphical object when a corresponding outline has excessive control points
54 7,292,247 Dynamically determining directions of freedom for control points used to represent graphical objects
55 7,292,244 System and method for automatic label placement on charts
56 7,292,232 Data input devices and methods for detecting movement of a tracking surface by a laser speckle pattern
57 7,292,160 Context sensitive encoding and decoding
58 7,292,147 Optical disk and method of integrating a high gain RFID antenna
59 7,290,719 Coded pattern for an optical device and a prepared surface
60 D554,665 Icon for a portion of a display screen
61 D554,664 Icon for a portion of a display screen
62 D554,663 Icon for a portion of a display screen
63 D554,662 Image for a portion of a display screen
64 D554,661 Image for a portion of a display screen
65 D554,660 Image for a portion of a display screen
66 D554,659 Image for a portion of a display screen
67 D554,652 Graphical identification element for a display screen