Microsoft patents granted on 07 April 2009

52 US patents granted on 07 April 2009 and assigned to Microsoft

1 D589,978 Icon for a portion of a display screen
2 7,516,495 Hardware-based software authenticator
3 7,516,482 Secure hierarchical namespaces in peer-to-peer networks
4 7,516,480 Secure remote configuration of targeted devices using a standard message transport protocol
5 7,516,478 Remote management of mobile devices
6 7,516,477 Method and system for ensuring that computer programs are trustworthy
7 7,516,472 Using broadcast television as a portal for video on demand solicitation
8 7,516,466 Method and apparatus for retrieving data from a broadcast signal
9 7,516,460 System and method for creating a runtime connection interface for attributes and element tags defined within a subclass in a markup document
10 7,516,455 Probabilistic scheduling
11 7,516,445 Locating source code when stopping in a debugger
12 7,516,444 Interlaced protocol for smart card application development
13 7,516,442 Resource manifest
14 7,516,441 Method and system for program editing and debugging in a common language runtime environment
15 7,516,418 Automatic tracking of user data and reputation checking
16 7,516,409 Virtual calling card system and method
17 7,516,401 Function-based object model for analyzing a web page table in a mobile device by identifying table objects similarity in function
18 7,516,400 Layout system for consistent user interface results
19 7,516,399 Structured-document path-language expression methods and systems
20 7,516,386 System and method for transparent electronic data transfer using error correction to facilitate bandwidth-efficient data recovery
21 7,516,372 Processor control system for supplying control instructions to a processor
22 7,516,317 Measuring an operating system’s boot duration
23 7,516,238 Background transport service
24 7,516,232 Media organization for distributed sending of media data
25 7,516,228 Systems and methods for controlling the number of clients that access a server
26 7,516,209 Method and framework for tracking/logging completion of requests in a computer system
27 7,516,194 Method for downloading high-volumes of content from the internet without adversely effecting the source of the content or being detected
28 7,516,165 Dynamic synchronization of tables
29 7,516,157 Relational directory
30 7,516,149 Robust detector of fuzzy duplicates
31 7,516,146 Fast adaptive document filtering
32 7,516,145 System and method for incrementally transforming and rendering hierarchical data files
33 7,516,143 Type path indexing
34 7,516,140 Dense formats for media metadata
35 7,516,116 Range and cover queries in overlay networks
36 7,516,113 Cost-benefit approach to automatically composing answers to questions by extracting information from large unstructured corpora
37 7,516,101 Electronic bill presentment and payment system with bill dispute capabilities
38 7,516,078 Personal shared playback
39 7,516,067 Method and apparatus using harmonic-model-based front end for robust speech recognition
40 7,516,049 Wireless performance analysis system
41 7,516,042 Load test load modeling based on rates of user operations
42 7,515,822 Imaging systems’ direct illumination level adjusting method and system involves adjusting operation of image sensor of imaging system based on detected level of ambient illumination
43 7,515,751 Method and system for searching for words and phrases in active and stored ink word documents
44 7,515,750 Background maintenance of an image sequence
45 7,515,721 Self-descriptive microphone array
46 7,515,576 User interface and data structure for transmitter fingerprints of network locations
47 7,515,538 Probabilistic estimation of achievable maximum throughput from wireless interface
48 7,515,173 Head pose tracking system
49 7,515,172 Automated online broadcasting system and method using an omni-directional camera system for viewing meetings over a computer network
50 7,515,143 Uniform illumination of interactive display panel
51 7,515,139 Display attribute modification
52 7,513,019 Fastening mechanisms maintaining electrical connections among fastened components