Microsoft patents granted on 07 March 2006

30 US patents granted on 07 March 2006 and assigned to Microsoft

1 7,010,808 Binding digital content to a portable storage device or the like in a digital rights management (DRM) system
2 7,010,794 Methods and systems for predicting events associated with renderable media content samples
3 7,010,755 Virtual desktop manager
4 7,010,684 Method and apparatus for authenticating an open system application to a portable IC device
5 7,010,662 Dynamic data structures for tracking file system free space in a flash memory device
6 7,010,616 Method for automatically implementing special forms in an e-mail system
7 7,010,605 Method and apparatus for encoding and storing session data
8 7,010,542 Result set formatting and processing
9 7,010,540 System and method for maintaining a user’s state within a database table
10 7,010,524 Validating multiple execution plans for database queries
11 7,010,478 Compressing messages on a per semantic component basis while maintaining a degree of human readability
12 7,010,465 Scalability test and analysis
13 7,010,458 System and methods for providing histogram computation in a high precision rasterization data pipeline
14 7,010,454 Test services provider
15 7,010,365 Remote controlled system with computer-based remote control facilitator
16 7,010,361 Clock radio with computer-based remote control facilitator
17 7,010,265 Satellite receiving system with transmodulating outdoor unit
18 7,010,174 System and process for generating high dynamic range video
19 7,010,165 Preprocessing of multi-line rotated electronic ink
20 7,009,994 Channel access scheme for use in network communications
21 7,009,598 Multiple channel light guide for optically tracking pointing and input devices
22 7,009,594 Universal computing device
23 7,007,471 Unilateral thermal buckle beam actuator
24 D516,617 Type font
25 D516,616 Type font
26 D516,612 Type font
27 D516,611 Type font
28 D516,610 Type font
29 D516,573 Icon for a display screen
30 D516,565 Actuator for a portable electronic device