Microsoft patents granted on 07 October 2008

65 US patents granted on 07 October 2008 and assigned to Microsoft

1 D578,135 Portion of a display screen showing a transitional user interface
2 D578,134 Graphical user interface for a portion of a display screen
3 D578,133 Graphical user interface for a portion of a display screen
4 D578,117 Electronic tablet
5 7,434,263 System and method for secure storage data using a key
6 7,434,261 System and method of identifying the source of an attack on a computer network
7 7,434,259 Method for prompting a user to install and execute an unauthenticated computer application
8 7,434,257 System and methods for providing dynamic authorization in a computer system
9 7,434,253 User mapping information extension for protocols
10 7,434,252 Role-based authorization of network services using diversified security tokens
11 7,434,235 Type server caching the proxy/stub generation
12 7,434,228 Structuring an operating system using a service architecture
13 7,434,218 Archiving data in a virtual application environment
14 7,434,211 Transient shared computer resource and settings change bubble for computer programs
15 7,434,207 Floating debugger
16 7,434,174 Method and system for zooming in and out of paginated content
17 7,434,173 Scrolling web pages using direct interaction
18 7,434,170 Drag and drop metadata editing
19 7,434,167 Accessibility system and method
20 7,434,164 User interface for adaptive document layout via manifold content
21 7,434,157 Programmable object model for namespace or schema library support in a software application
22 7,434,100 Systems and methods for replicating virtual memory on a host computer and debugging using replicated memory
23 7,434,078 Synchronization with hardware utilizing software clock slaving via a clock
24 7,434,054 Asynchronous enhanced shared secret provisioning protocol
25 7,434,025 Leverage guest logical to physical translation for host-side memory access
26 7,434,020 Overwrite detection diagnostic for memory heap
27 7,434,013 Assigning disks during system recovery
28 7,434,010 Combined pessimistic and optimisitic concurrency control
29 7,434,003 Efficient operating system operation on a hypervisor
30 7,433,982 Transferable component that effectuates plug-and-play
31 7,433,979 Method and apparatus for input management having plurality of input provider types with third party listener access to staging area that includes stack of input events
32 7,433,974 Vehicle computer system with audio entertainment system
33 7,433,967 Method and system for routing SMS messages
34 7,433,946 Mechanism for transmitting elementary streams in a broadcast environment
35 7,433,938 Coupling a filter graph space to a network driver space
36 7,433,937 Coupling a filter graph space to a network driver space
37 7,433,936 Connectivity objects under a mobile device management tree
38 7,433,920 Contact sidebar tile
39 7,433,913 Point-to-point data communication implemented with multipoint network data communication components
40 7,433,895 Adding dominant media elements to search results
41 7,433,888 Schema packaging, distribution and availability
42 7,433,887 Method and apparatus for metadata driven business logic processing
43 7,433,886 SQL language extensions for modifying collection-valued and scalar valued columns in a single statement
44 7,433,875 Web store events
45 7,433,862 Declarative pinning
46 7,433,859 Transmitting information given constrained resources
47 7,433,850 Methods and systems for computing singular value decompositions of matrices and low rank approximations of matrices
48 7,433,838 Realizing legally binding business contracts through service management models
49 7,433,824 Entropy coding by adapting coding between level and run-length/level modes
50 7,433,814 Network emulator architecture
51 7,433,807 Facial image processing
52 7,433,746 Extensible kernel-mode audio processing architecture
53 7,433,714 Alert mechanism interface
54 7,433,700 Strategies for peer-to-peer instant messaging
55 7,433,533 Video performance evaluation
56 7,433,495 Automatic detection and tracking of multiple individuals using multiple cues
57 7,433,490 System and method for real time lip synchronization
58 7,433,349 Automatic compiling of address filter information
59 7,433,324 User experience for collaborative ad-hoc networks
60 7,433,077 Gamut mapping between multiple boundary regions
61 7,432,941 Determining display subsystem compliance
62 7,432,928 User interface state reconfiguration through animation
63 7,432,920 Method and apparatus for the display of still images from image files
64 7,432,917 Calibration of an interactive display system
65 7,432,432 System and method for recognizing handwritten music notations