Microsoft patents granted on 08 April 2014

65 US patents granted on 08 April 2014 and assigned to Microsoft

1 D702,258 Display screen with graphical user interface
2 D702,257 Display screen with graphical user interface
3 D702,256 Display screen with graphical user interface
4 D702,255 Display screen with graphical user interface
5 D702,254 Display screen with graphical user interface
6 D702,253 Display screen with graphical user interface
7 D702,252 Display screen with graphical user interface
8 D702,251 Display screen with graphical user interface
9 D702,250 Display screen with graphical user interface
10 D702,249 Display screen with graphical user interface
11 D702,184 Power supply
12 8,695,092 Host IP reputation
13 8,695,074 Pre-authenticated calling for voice applications
14 8,695,062 Authentication/authorization protocol for media processing components
15 8,695,022 Context for replacement functions
16 8,695,021 Projecting native application programming interfaces of an operating system into other programming languages
17 8,695,009 Allocating tasks to machines in computing clusters
18 8,695,005 Model for hosting and invoking applications on virtual machines in a distributed computing environment
19 8,695,003 Method for managing data accessibility by scheduling three types of executable agents associated with pre-defined access rights within a domain
20 8,695,001 Loading services based on a request and setting permission level to enable execution of commands or services exposed based on a role of requester
21 8,694,998 Cancellable command application programming interface (API) framework
22 8,694,986 Providing update notifications on distributed application objects
23 8,694,967 User interface inventory
24 8,694,961 Thread-agile execution of dynamic programming language programs
25 8,694,920 Displaying application information in an application-switching user interface
26 8,694,915 Enhanced telephony computer user interface allowing user interaction and control of a telephone using a personal computer
27 8,694,904 Cross-browser rich text editing via a hybrid client-side model
28 8,694,900 Static definition of unknown visual layout positions
29 8,694,895 Human interaction with application from email client
30 8,694,823 Querying and repairing data
31 8,694,764 Multi-phase resume from hibernate
32 8,694,712 Reduction of operational costs of virtual TLBs
33 8,694,682 Virtual execution system for resource-constrained devices
34 8,694,653 Targeted data transfer between operational domains
35 8,694,647 Read-only operations processing in a paxos replication system
36 8,694,622 Monitoring and controlling network communications
37 8,694,620 System and method for an OMA DM extension to manage mobile device configuration settings
38 8,694,618 Maximizing data transfer through multiple network devices
39 8,694,604 Accurate search results while honoring content limitations
40 8,694,578 Swarm-based synchronization over a network of object stores
41 8,694,565 Language integrated query over vector spaces
42 8,694,562 Generational garbage collection for a pool-based heap
43 8,694,507 Tenantization of search result ranking
44 8,694,505 Table of contents for search query refinement
45 8,694,474 Block entropy encoding for word compression
46 8,694,464 File system node updates
47 8,694,462 Scale-out system to acquire event data
48 8,694,383 Path queries
49 8,694,379 One-click posting
50 8,694,375 Determining whether to display message to user in application based on user message viewing history
51 8,694,346 Travel-related prediction system
52 8,694,322 Selective confirmation for execution of a voice activated user interface
53 8,693,993 Personalized cloud of mobile tasks
54 8,693,724 Method and system implementing user-centric gesture control
55 8,693,713 Virtual audio environment for multidimensional conferencing
56 8,693,689 Location brokering for providing security, privacy and services
57 8,693,662 Method and apparatus for providing ringback tones
58 8,693,499 Dynamic adjustment of bandwidth allocation for an in-progress media session
59 8,693,453 Mobile node group formation and management
60 8,693,087 Passive matrix quantum dot display
61 8,692,870 Adaptive adjustment of depth cues in a stereo telepresence system
62 8,692,832 Para-virtualized asymmetric GPU processors
63 8,692,816 State-based auxiliary display operation
64 8,692,526 Converting leakage current to DC output
65 8,690,358 Video projection device for mobile device having a first projection surface integral with a surface of the mobile device