Microsoft patents granted on 08 September 2009

52 US patents granted on 08 September 2009 and assigned to Microsoft

1 7,587,748 Method and apparatus for retrieving data from a broadcast signal
2 7,587,737 Fast start-up for digital video streams
3 7,587,729 Tracking promoted listings
4 7,587,725 Methods and systems for creating and communicating with computer processes on remote systems
5 7,587,722 Extending operating system subsystems
6 7,587,720 Methods and systems for predicting events associated with renderable media content samples
7 7,587,709 Adaptive instrumentation runtime monitoring and analysis
8 7,587,707 Predicate abstraction via symbolic decision procedures
9 7,587,682 Structured task naming
10 7,587,675 Network map
11 7,587,670 Mechanism for providing data driven command line output
12 7,587,665 Method and computer-readable medium for providing spreadsheet-driven key performance indicators
13 7,587,661 Identifying design issues in electronic forms
14 7,587,638 Method and system for generating and monitoring variable load on an application under test
15 7,587,636 Unit test generalization
16 7,587,616 System and method of iterative code obfuscation
17 7,587,605 Cryptographic pairing-based short signature generation and verification
18 7,587,594 Dynamic out-of-process software components isolation for trustworthiness execution
19 7,587,589 Saving and retrieving data based on symmetric key encryption
20 7,587,566 Realtime memory management via locking realtime threads and related data structures
21 7,587,526 Endianness independent data structures
22 7,587,518 System and method of assigning and reclaiming static addresses through the dynamic host configuration protocol
23 7,587,507 Media recording functions in a streaming media server
24 7,587,501 System, method, and computer storage medium for establishing sharing of resources with reciprocal requests included in sharing messages
25 7,587,486 Click stream analysis
26 7,587,484 Method and system for tracking client software use
27 7,587,479 System and method for computing concurrent network connection information
28 7,587,449 Method and system for calculating performance metrics using backchannel messaging and information pattern matching
29 7,587,428 Maintaining a relationship between two different items of data
30 7,587,424 Array-based discovery of media items
31 7,587,416 Advanced desktop reporting
32 7,587,415 Single-pass translation of flat-file documents into XML format including validation, ambiguity resolution, and acknowledgement generation
33 7,587,411 System and method for filtering and organizing items based on common elements
34 7,587,410 Dynamic cube services
35 7,587,393 Long running requests
36 7,587,392 Efficient navigation of search results
37 7,587,388 Separating uploads into aggregate and raw data storage
38 7,587,317 Word training interface
39 7,587,099 Region-based image denoising
40 7,587,092 Layer-based context quantization with context partitioning
41 7,587,086 Identifying selected pixels in a digital image
42 7,586,938 Methods and systems for self-describing multicasting of multimedia presentations
43 7,586,494 Surface detail rendering using leap textures
44 7,586,488 Multi-chart geometry images
45 D599,819 Icon for a portion of a display screen
46 D599,817 Icon for a portion of a display screen
47 D599,813 Animated image for a portion of a display screen
48 D599,812 Animated image for a portion of a display screen
49 D599,809 User interface for a portion of a display screen
50 D599,808 User interface for a portion of a display screen
51 D599,807 User interface for a portion of a display screen
52 D599,806 Transitional user interface for a portion of a display screen