Microsoft patents granted on 09 June 2009

66 US patents granted on 09 June 2009 and assigned to Microsoft

1 D594,026 Animated image for a display screen
2 D594,025 Transitional image for a display screen
3 D594,024 Animated border image for a display screen
4 D594,023 Animated border image for a display screen
5 D594,022 Animated border for a graphical user window
6 D594,021 User interface for a display screen
7 D594,020 User interface for a display screen
8 D594,019 User interface for a display screen
9 D594,018 User interface for a display screen
10 D594,017 Graphic user window and interface region border image for a display screen
11 D594,016 Graphic user window and interface region border image for a display screen
12 D593,775 Display structure
13 7,546,641 Conditional access to digital rights management conversion
14 7,546,633 Role-based authorization management framework
15 7,546,623 Methods and systems for providing multi-source content in electronic program guides
16 7,546,616 Optical storage media with embedded security device
17 7,546,607 Native code exposing virtual machine managed object
18 7,546,602 Application program interface for network software platform
19 7,546,595 System and method of installing software updates in a computer networking environment
20 7,546,594 System and method for updating installation components using an installation component delta patch in a networked environment
21 7,546,590 Dynamic conversion of object-oriented programs to tag-based procedural code
22 7,546,587 Run-time call stack verification
23 7,546,586 Multi-Interface aware scenario execution environment
24 7,546,549 Constrained creation of data hierarchies
25 7,546,548 Method and system for presenting menu commands for selection
26 7,546,542 User interface incorporating graphically based management of controls
27 7,546,534 Personalizing access of game web site based on user configuration
28 7,546,533 Storage and utilization of slide presentation slides
29 7,546,531 Accessing alternate content
30 7,546,529 Method and system for providing alternatives for text derived from stochastic input sources
31 7,546,526 Efficient extensible markup language namespace parsing for editing
32 7,546,525 Freeform digital ink revisions
33 7,546,522 Method, system, and computer-readable medium for applying a global formatting scheme to a chart in an electronic document
34 7,546,521 Reporting status of external references in a spreadsheet without updating
35 7,546,484 Managing backup solutions with light-weight storage nodes
36 7,546,471 Method and system for virus detection using pattern matching techniques
37 7,546,461 Strengthening secure hash functions
38 7,546,448 Boot architecture discovery in pre-boot environment
39 7,546,383 Enabling broadcast of multiple data configurations
40 7,546,378 Server-side stream switching
41 7,546,375 Scaling and delivering distributed applications
42 7,546,373 Secure dynamic credential distribution over a network
43 7,546,357 Configuring network settings using portable storage media
44 7,546,350 Efficiently sending event notifications over a computer network
45 7,546,342 Distributed hosting of web content using partial replication
46 7,546,297 Storage application programming interface
47 7,546,294 Automated relevance tuning
48 7,546,293 Relevance maximizing, iteration minimizing, relevance-feedback, content-based image retrieval (CBIR)
49 7,546,291 Data source task pane
50 7,546,288 Matching media file metadata to standardized metadata
51 7,546,286 Offline multi-table data editing and storage
52 7,546,278 Correlating categories using taxonomy distance and term space distance
53 7,546,240 Coding with improved time resolution for selected segments via adaptive block transformation of a group of samples from a subband decomposition
54 7,546,235 Unsupervised learning of paraphrase/translation alternations and selective application thereof
55 7,546,226 Architecture for automating analytical view of business applications
56 7,546,221 Creating and using applicable information technology service maps
57 7,545,985 Method and system for learning-based quality assessment of images
58 7,545,931 Protection of application secrets
59 7,545,812 Scheduling scheme for distributed sending of media data
60 7,545,749 High-accuracy packet pair for network bottleneck bandwidth measurement
61 7,545,429 Flat-panel camera
62 7,545,389 Encoding ClearType text for use on alpha blended textures
63 7,545,375 View-dependent displacement mapping
64 7,545,362 Multi-modal navigation in a graphical user interface computing system
65 7,545,342 Auxiliary display unit for a computer system
66 7,543,750 Laser velocimetric image scanning