Microsoft patents granted on 10 February 2009

38 US patents granted on 10 February 2009 and assigned to Microsoft

1 D586,359 Graphic user interface for a portion of a display screen
2 D586,357 Graphical user interface for a portion of a display screen
3 7,490,352 Systems and methods for verifying trust of executable files
4 7,490,315 Persistent representations for complex data structures as interpreted programs
5 7,490,314 System and method for exposing tasks in a development environment
6 7,490,313 System and method for making user interface elements known to an application and user
7 7,490,300 Copying and updating files
8 7,490,296 Utility object for specialized data entry
9 7,490,269 Noise accommodation in hardware and software testing
10 7,490,256 Identifying a target processor idle state
11 7,490,237 Systems and methods for caching in authentication systems
12 7,490,197 Using external memory devices to improve system performance
13 7,490,175 Computer system and method for supporting network-enabled devices
14 7,490,158 Multicast transfer rate probe
15 7,490,156 Remote method calling through pluggable channels
16 7,490,142 Automatic client management authority assignment
17 7,490,137 Vector-based sending of web content
18 7,490,133 Context-sensitive content level semantic information propagation system and method
19 7,490,131 Email filtering methods and systems
20 7,490,127 Concurrent recipient resolution and certificate acquisition
21 7,490,126 Method and apparatus for generating data change requests containing data consistency information in a peer-to-peer collaborative computer system
22 7,490,122 Methods for and applications of learning and inferring the periods of time until people are available or unavailable for different forms of communication, collaboration, and information access
23 7,490,109 System and method for offline editing of data files
24 7,490,106 Multidimensional database subcubes
25 7,490,104 Methods and systems for providing random access to structured media content
26 7,490,097 Semi-structured data storage schema selection
27 7,490,079 Client side indexing of offline address book files
28 7,490,075 Scaleable data itemsets and association rules
29 7,490,034 Lexicon with sectionalized data and method of using the same
30 7,490,003 System and method for providing a location snapshot service and associating a snapshot with location container data
31 7,489,817 Background maintenance of an image sequence
32 7,489,815 Source device to destination device transform using black weight
33 7,489,656 Bandwidth allocation
34 7,489,653 Framework and method for QoS-aware resource discovery in mobile ad hoc networks
35 7,489,645 Mesh networks with end device recognition
36 7,489,308 Determining the location of the tip of an electronic stylus
37 7,489,306 Touch screen accuracy
38 7,488,926 Pixel array with shared pixel output lines