Microsoft patents granted on 10 January 2006

24 US patents granted on 10 January 2006 and assigned to Microsoft

1 6,986,123 Extensible on-demand property system
2 6,986,121 Managing code when communicating using heirarchically-structured data
3 6,986,107 Dynamic generation of visual style variants for a graphical user interface
4 6,986,106 Correction widget
5 6,986,103 Document formatting based on optimized formatting values
6 6,986,100 Normalized rotation on a web site of display items from multiple sources
7 6,986,062 Set top box object security system
8 6,986,059 Hierarchical trusted code for content protection in computers
9 6,986,043 Encrypting file system and method
10 6,986,036 System and method for protecting privacy and anonymity of parties of network communications
11 6,986,018 Method and apparatus for selecting cache and proxy policy
12 6,986,006 Page granular curtained memory via mapping control
13 6,985,966 Resynchronizing globally unsynchronized multimedia streams
14 6,985,958 Messaging infrastructure for identity-centric data access
15 6,985,950 System for creating a space-efficient document categorizer for training and testing of automatic categorization engines
16 6,985,947 Server access control methods and arrangements
17 6,985,946 Authentication and authorization pipeline architecture for use in a web server
18 6,985,858 Method and apparatus for removing noise from feature vectors
19 6,985,852 Method and apparatus for dynamic grammars and focused semantic parsing
20 6,985,851 Method and apparatus for providing improved HMM POS tagger for multi-word entries and factoids
21 6,985,160 Type size dependent anti-aliasing in sub-pixel precision rendering systems
22 6,985,157 Alpha correction to compensate for lack of gamma correction
23 6,985,156 System and process for optimal texture map reconstruction from multiple views
24 6,985,148 Interactive water effects using texture coordinate shifting