Microsoft patents granted on 10 October 2006

36 US patents granted on 10 October 2006 and assigned to Microsoft

1 D529,921 Icon for a portion of a display screen
2 D529,919 Image for a portion of a display screen
3 D529,918 Image for a portion of a display screen
4 7,120,932 System and method for data rights management
5 7,120,916 Protocol agnostic web listener
6 7,120,914 Method and system for navigating between program modules
7 7,120,898 Intermediate representation for multiple exception handling models
8 7,120,897 User control objects for providing server-side code generation from a user-defined dynamic web page content file
9 7,120,872 Organizing, editing, and rendering digital ink
10 7,120,868 System and method for adaptive document layout via manifold content
11 7,120,866 Spreadsheet fields in text
12 7,120,865 Methods for display, notification, and interaction with prioritized messages
13 7,120,801 Integrated circuit device with data modifying capabilities and related methods
14 7,120,797 Methods for authenticating potential members invited to join a group
15 7,120,786 Booting from a compressed image
16 7,120,675 Information location service
17 7,120,639 Pluggable formatters
18 7,120,637 Positional access using a b-tree
19 7,120,624 Optimization based method for estimating the results of aggregate queries
20 7,120,623 Optimizing multi-predicate selections on a relation using indexes
21 7,120,619 Relationship view
22 7,120,618 System and method for defining and using subclasses declaratively within markup
23 7,120,477 Personal mobile computing device having antenna microphone and speech detection for improved speech recognition
24 7,120,311 Systems and methods for providing forward mapping with visibility for and resolution of accumulated samples
25 7,120,307 Image encoding using reordering and blocking of wavelet coefficients combined with adaptive encoding
26 7,120,297 Segmented layered image system
27 7,120,293 Interactive images
28 7,120,275 Ink recognition for use in character-based applications
29 7,120,259 Adaptive estimation and compensation of clock drift in acoustic echo cancellers
30 7,120,249 Methods and systems for generating encryption keys using random bit generators
31 7,120,197 Motion compensation loop with filtering
32 7,120,129 System and method for achieving zero-configuration wireless computing and computing device incorporating same
33 7,119,837 Video processing system and method for automatic enhancement of digital video
34 7,119,819 Method and apparatus for supporting two-dimensional windows in a three-dimensional environment
35 7,119,816 System and method for whiteboard scanning to obtain a high resolution image
36 7,119,794 Character and text unit input correction system