Microsoft patents granted on 12 February 2008

27 US patents granted on 12 February 2008 and assigned to Microsoft

1 D561,780 Icon for a portion of a display screen
2 D561,779 Icon for a portion of a display screen
3 D561,761 Portion of an electronic mouse
4 D561,739 Portion of a headset
5 D561,738 Portion of a headset
6 D561,581 Product package
7 D561,580 Product package
8 7,331,063 Method and system for limiting software updates
9 7,331,047 Deterministic system and method for implementing software distributed between a desktop and a remote device
10 7,331,015 Defining a report based on data regions and including custom data in a report definition
11 7,331,014 Declarative mechanism for defining a hierarchy of objects
12 7,330,981 File locker and mechanisms for providing and using same
13 7,330,978 Encrypted software installer
14 7,330,971 Delegated administration of namespace management
15 7,330,970 Methods and systems for protecting information in paging operating systems
16 7,330,895 Representation, decision models, and user interface for encoding managing preferences, and performing automated decision making about the timing and modalities of interpersonal communications
17 7,330,893 Adaptive allocation of last-hop bandwidth based on monitoring of end-to-end throughput
18 7,330,890 System for providing personalized content over a telephone interface to a user according to the corresponding personalization profile including the record of user actions or the record of user behavior
19 7,330,875 System and method for recording a presentation for on-demand viewing over a computer network
20 7,330,864 System and method for using native floating point microprocessor instructions to manipulate 16-bit floating point data representations
21 7,330,855 Converting data between a front end schema node and a back end schema node
22 7,330,853 Attribute value selection for entity objects
23 7,330,848 Method and apparatus for generating statistics on query expressions for optimization
24 7,330,787 System and method for abstracting and visualizing a route map
25 7,330,605 Decoding and error correction in 2-D arrays
26 7,330,590 Pen out-of-proximity handwriting-recognition trigger
27 7,330,566 Video-based gait recognition