Microsoft patents granted on 12 January 2010

65 US patents granted on 12 January 2010 and assigned to Microsoft

1 D607,897 Icon for a portion of a display screen
2 D607,896 Icon for a portion of a display screen
3 D607,895 Icon for a portion of a display screen
4 D607,893 Transitional icon for a portion of a display screen
5 D607,892 User interface for a portion of a display screen
6 D607,891 User interface for a portion of a display screen
7 7,647,640 System for binding secrets to a computer system having tolerance for hardware changes
8 7,647,636 Generic RootKit detector
9 7,647,634 Managing access to a network
10 7,647,629 Hosted code runtime protection
11 7,647,597 Transparent and sub-classable proxies
12 7,647,587 Methods for enhancing type reconstruction
13 7,647,582 Application domain manager
14 7,647,580 General programming language support for nullable types
15 7,647,560 User interface for multi-sensory emoticons in a communication system
16 7,647,559 Method and computer-readable medium for navigating between attachments to electronic mail messages
17 7,647,553 View templates for HTML source documents
18 7,647,551 System and method for formatting a cell in response to data stored in a separate location
19 7,647,522 Operating system with corrective action service and isolation
20 7,647,500 Synchronous validation and acknowledgment of electronic data interchange (EDI)
21 7,647,496 Process-mode independent driver model
22 7,647,468 Compaction, de-fragmentation, and merging of virtual storage device of virtual machine
23 7,647,430 Remote command framework for devices
24 7,647,400 Dynamically exchanging computer user’s context
25 7,647,394 Scaling UPnP v1.0 device eventing using peer groups
26 7,647,385 Techniques for limiting network access
27 7,647,383 Intelligent message deletion
28 7,647,380 Datacenter mail routing
29 7,647,365 Training, inference and user interface for guiding the caching of media content on local stores
30 7,647,361 Automatically maintaining metadata in a file backup system
31 7,647,358 Computing device with relatively limited storage space and operating/file system thereof
32 7,647,348 Color management system that supports legacy and advanced color management applications
33 7,647,347 Color management system that supports legacy and advanced color management applications
34 7,647,346 Automatic rules-based device synchronization
35 7,647,338 Content item query formulation
36 7,647,333 Cube-based percentile calculation
37 7,647,332 Aggregating content from multiple content delivery types in a discovery interface
38 7,647,331 Detecting duplicate images using hash code grouping
39 7,647,325 Hardware and software identifier categorization and review
40 7,647,317 Search techniques for page-based document layouts
41 7,647,312 System and method for automatic generation of suggested inline search terms
42 7,647,304 Adaptive picker for selecting data in disparate information systems
43 7,647,298 Generation of query and update views for object relational mapping
44 7,647,297 Optimizing media player memory during rendering
45 7,647,291 B-tree compression using normalized index keys
46 7,647,289 Learning belief distributions for game moves
47 7,647,285 Tools for health and wellness
48 7,647,281 Systems and methods for modeling approximate market equilibria
49 7,647,215 Modeling directed scale-free object relationships
50 7,647,181 Computer generated land cover classification
51 7,647,171 Learning, storing, analyzing, and reasoning about the loss of location-identifying signals
52 7,647,128 Methods, computer-readable media, and data structures for building an authoritative database of digital audio identifier elements and identifying media items
53 7,646,940 Robust indexing and retrieval of electronic ink
54 7,646,931 Automatic analysis and adjustment of digital images with exposure problems
55 7,646,913 Allograph based writer adaptation for handwritten character recognition
56 7,646,909 Method and system for constructing a 3D representation of a face from a 2D representation
57 7,646,894 Bayesian competitive model integrated with a generative classifier for unspecific person verification
58 7,646,817 Accelerating video decoding using a graphics processing unit
59 7,646,816 Generalized reference decoder for image or video processing
60 7,646,812 Special predictive picture encoding using color key in source content
61 7,646,810 Video coding
62 7,646,755 Seamless integration of portable computing devices and desktop computers
63 7,646,404 Foveated wide-angle imaging system and method for capturing and viewing wide-angle images in real time
64 7,646,388 Systems and methods for reducing redundant checks on graphics memory
65 7,646,380 Correction of alignment and linearity errors in a stylus input system