Microsoft patents granted on 13 November 2007

41 US patents granted on 13 November 2007 and assigned to Microsoft

1 7,296,296 Protected media path and refusal response enabler
2 7,296,294 System for binding secrets to a computer system having tolerance for hardware changes
3 7,296,276 Methods and systems for implementing dynamic properties on objects that support only static properties
4 7,296,268 Dynamic monitor and controller of availability of a load-balancing cluster
5 7,296,258 Software management systems and methods for automotive computing devices
6 7,296,241 System and method for managing a message view
7 7,296,240 Document object membranes
8 7,296,233 Spy-resistant keyboard
9 7,296,232 Calendar control for selection of time periods to filter data
10 7,296,220 Method and system for creating a table in a text editing application
11 7,296,197 Metadata-facilitated software testing
12 7,296,184 Method and system for masking dynamic regions in a user interface to enable testing of user interface consistency
13 7,296,183 Selectable data field consistency checking
14 7,296,171 Selecting a power state based on predefined parameters
15 7,296,154 Secure media path methods, systems, and architectures
16 7,296,088 System and method for determining the geographic location of internet hosts
17 7,296,083 Method and system for measuring load and capacity on a variable capacity channel
18 7,296,063 Active stream format for holding multiple media streams
19 7,296,043 Memory file size adjustment
20 7,296,037 Database item versioning
21 7,296,031 Auto playlist generator
22 7,296,022 Method and system for accessing a network database as a web service
23 7,296,019 System and methods for providing runtime spelling analysis and correction
24 7,296,017 Validation of XML data files
25 7,296,011 Efficient fuzzy match for evaluating data records
26 7,295,973 Quality control quantization loop and bitrate control quantization loop for quality and rate control for digital audio
27 7,295,971 Accounting for non-monotonicity of quality as a function of quantization in quality and rate control for digital audio
28 7,295,966 System for normalizing a discourse representation structure and normalized data structure
29 7,295,963 Adaptive machine translation
30 7,295,806 Using directional antennas to enhance wireless mesh networks
31 7,295,757 Advancing playback of video data based on parameter values of video data
32 7,295,708 System and method for detecting a list in ink input
33 7,295,548 Method and system for disaggregating audio/visual components
34 7,295,522 System and method for continuously provisioning a mobile device
35 7,295,208 Translating layers into effect graphs in digital image processing
36 7,295,206 Ink input region adjustments
37 7,295,203 Determining regions that are occluded from an observation point
38 7,295,191 Method and system for detecting multiple touches on a touch-sensitive screen
39 7,295,116 Architecture, programming model and API’S
40 D555,167 Icon for a portion of a display screen
41 D555,166 Icon for a portion of a display screen