Microsoft patents granted on 14 April 2009

59 US patents granted on 14 April 2009 and assigned to Microsoft

1 D590,418 Icon for a portion of a display screen
2 D590,417 Icon for a portion of a display screen
3 D590,415 User interface for a display screen
4 D590,406 Graphical user interface for a portion of a display screen
5 D590,404 Laptop stand
6 D590,398 Electronic mouse
7 D590,397 Keyboard
8 7,519,969 System and method for controlling user interface properties with data
9 7,519,953 Method and system for automatically testing a software build
10 7,519,950 Method and system for version negotiation of distributed objects
11 7,519,947 Orchestration designer
12 7,519,920 Scrolling web pages using direct interaction
13 7,519,916 Methods for tailoring a bandwidth profile for an operating environment
14 7,519,914 Extensible scheme for defining the visual appearance of computer system components
15 7,519,907 System and method for image editing using an image stack
16 7,519,900 System and method for processing digital annotations
17 7,519,899 Planar mapping of graphical elements
18 7,519,845 Software-based audio rendering
19 7,519,818 Method and system for processing a communication based on trust that the communication is not unwanted as assigned by a sending domain
20 7,519,816 Portable computing environment solution
21 7,519,815 Challenge-based authentication without requiring knowledge of secret authentication data
22 7,519,736 Non-invasive latency monitoring in a store-and-forward replication system
23 7,519,723 Scaling and delivering distributed applications
24 7,519,720 Pushing rich content information to mobile devices
25 7,519,713 Mapping between object oriented and service oriented representations of a distributed application
26 7,519,682 Wireless programmable user interaction system with machine-readable tags for physical objects
27 7,519,676 Methods for and applications of learning and inferring the periods of time until people are available or unavailable for different forms of communication, collaboration, and information access
28 7,519,668 Obfuscation of spam filter
29 7,519,667 Method and system for integrating instant messaging, streaming audio and audio playback
30 7,519,623 Locating potentially identical objects across multiple computers based on stochastic partitioning of workload
31 7,519,619 Facilitating document classification using branch associations
32 7,519,617 Dynamic personalized information organizer
33 7,519,616 Time references for multimedia objects
34 7,519,611 System and method for using a compressed trie to estimate like predicates
35 7,519,609 XML storage solution and data interchange file format structure
36 7,519,596 Globally trusted credentials leveraged for server access control
37 7,519,595 Method and system for adaptive categorial presentation of search results
38 7,519,590 Method and system for performing phrase/word clustering and cluster merging
39 7,519,585 Selection context filtering
40 7,519,579 Method and system for updating a summary page of a document
41 7,519,578 Ubiquitous search framework
42 7,519,577 Query intermediate language method and system
43 7,519,568 Playbook automation
44 7,519,564 Building and using predictive models of current and future surprises
45 7,519,531 Speaker adaptive learning of resonance targets in a hidden trajectory model of speech coarticulation
46 7,519,529 System and methods for inferring informational goals and preferred level of detail of results in response to questions posed to an automated information-retrieval or question-answering service
47 7,519,470 Location-based caching for mobile devices
48 7,519,393 Method for wireless capability discovery and protocol negotiation, and wireless device including same
49 7,519,233 Accumulating transforms through an effect graph in digital image processing
50 7,519,231 Hierarchical scheme for blur detection in a digital image
51 7,519,223 Recognizing gestures and using gestures for interacting with software applications
52 7,519,217 Method and system for generating a classifier using inter-sample relationships
53 7,519,186 Noise reduction systems and methods for voice applications
54 7,518,749 Analysis alternates in context trees
55 7,518,631 Audio-visual control system
56 7,518,596 Method and apparatus for computer input using six degrees of freedom
57 7,518,138 Systems and methods for quantum braiding
58 7,518,052 Musical theme searching
59 7,517,282 Methods and systems for monitoring a game to determine a player-exploitable game condition