Microsoft patents granted on 14 August 2007

47 US patents granted on 14 August 2007 and assigned to Microsoft

1 7,257,836 Security link management in dynamic networks
2 7,257,835 Securely authorizing the performance of actions
3 7,257,817 Virtual network with adaptive dispatcher
4 7,257,815 Methods and system of managing concurrent access to multiple resources
5 7,257,776 Systems and methods for scaling a graphical user interface according to display dimensions and using a tiered sizing schema to define display objects
6 7,257,775 Providing user interface elements in an application that change in response to content
7 7,257,772 Representing document options, properties and backwards compatibility settings using a markup language
8 7,257,743 Method and system for reporting failures of a program module in a corporate environment
9 7,257,737 Systems and methods for analyzing bus data
10 7,257,736 Systems and methods for analyzing bus data
11 7,257,719 System and method for storing events to enhance intrusion detection
12 7,257,712 Runtime digital signatures
13 7,257,708 Steganographic authentication
14 7,257,707 Manifest-based trusted agent management in a trusted operating system environment
15 7,257,650 Universal graphic adapter for interfacing with hardware and means for determining previous output ranges of other devices and current device intial ranges
16 7,257,648 Logical semantic compression
17 7,257,644 Systems and methods for providing presence tracking in a distributed computing system
18 7,257,641 Multipoint processing unit
19 7,257,639 Enhanced email–distributed attachment storage
20 7,257,638 Distributing network applications
21 7,257,635 System and method for describing and automatically managing resources
22 7,257,622 File propagation tool
23 7,257,618 Systems and methods for interfacing with a user in instant messaging
24 7,257,610 Systems and methods for sending coordinated notifications
25 7,257,603 Preview mode
26 7,257,595 Transactional file system
27 7,257,593 Method for selecting terms from vocabularies in a category-based system
28 7,257,583 System and method for updating an on-device application catalog in a mobile device receiving a push message from a catalog server indicating availability of an application for download
29 7,257,576 Method and system for a pattern matching engine
30 7,257,571 Automatic query clustering
31 7,257,565 Linguistic disambiguation system and method using string-based pattern training learn to resolve ambiguity sites
32 7,257,527 System and method for providing regional settings for server-based applications
33 7,257,452 Gui for digital audio signal filtering mechanism
34 7,257,272 Virtual image generation
35 7,257,234 Watermark-based goods authentication
36 7,257,232 Methods and systems for mixing digital audio signals
37 7,257,203 Unified message system for accessing voice mail via email
38 7,256,786 Appropriately rendering a graphical object when a corresponding outline has exact or inexact control points
39 7,256,773 Detection of a dwell gesture by examining parameters associated with pen motion
40 7,256,770 Method for displaying information responsive to sensing a physical presence proximate to a computer input device
41 7,256,768 Computer keyboard with quantitatively force-sensing keys
42 7,256,341 Methods and systems for per persona processing media content-associated metadata
43 7,255,502 Keyboard with improved function and editing sections
44 7,255,282 PCMCIA-complaint smart card secured memory assembly for porting user profiles and documents
45 D548,742 User interface for a portion of a display screen
46 D548,700 Portion of a cabling assembly
47 D548,582 Product packaging