Microsoft patents granted on 14 July 2009

51 US patents granted on 14 July 2009 and assigned to Microsoft

1 D596,180 Electronic mouse
2 7,562,395 System and method for accessing protected content in a rights-management architecture
3 7,562,378 Methods and systems for constructing and editing electronic program guide lineups
4 7,562,375 Fast channel change
5 7,562,361 Thread-based limitation on computer application
6 7,562,357 Relational database schema version management
7 7,562,346 Software componentization for building a software product
8 7,562,309 User friendly remote system interface
9 7,562,305 Dynamically-generated commanding interface
10 7,562,303 Displaying users connected to computer servers
11 7,562,297 Method for providing feedback on windows, messages and dialog boxes
12 7,562,296 Correction widget
13 7,562,295 Representing spelling and grammatical error state in an XML document
14 7,562,255 Configurable system and methods for writing and executing test components
15 7,562,228 Forensic for fingerprint detection in multimedia
16 7,562,220 System and method for programming an isolated computing environment
17 7,562,211 Inspecting encrypted communications with end-to-end integrity
18 7,562,185 Accessing a storage medium using dynamic read statistics
19 7,562,161 Universal graphic adapter for interfacing with UGA hardware via UGA virtual machine and means for abstracting details of the UGA hardware
20 7,562,151 Peer tunnels and peer group targets
21 7,562,149 Universal naming scheme for peer-to-peer resources
22 7,562,147 Bi-directional HTTP-based reliable messaging protocol and system utilizing same
23 7,562,115 Method and apparatus for connecting a secure peer-to-peer collaboration system to an external system
24 7,562,113 Method and system for automatically creating and storing shortcuts to web sites/pages
25 7,562,104 Method and system for collecting contact information from contact sources and tracking contact sources
26 7,562,098 Opportunistic directory cache
27 7,562,095 Application programming interfaces for an on-demand property system
28 7,562,092 Secured views for a CRM database
29 7,562,086 Custom grouping for dimension members
30 7,562,082 Method and system for detecting user intentions in retrieval of hint sentences
31 7,562,071 Exponential noise distribution to optimize database privacy and output utility
32 7,562,070 Method and system for aggregating rules that define values for the same property associated with the same document element
33 7,562,068 System and method for ranking search results based on tracked user preferences
34 7,562,067 Systems and methods for estimating functional relationships in a database
35 7,562,064 Automated web-based targeted advertising with quotas
36 7,562,056 Method and system for learning an attention model for an image
37 7,562,021 Modification of codewords in dictionary used for efficient coding of digital media spectral data
38 7,561,897 System and apparatus for performing broadcast and localcast communications
39 7,561,739 Analyzing scripts and determining characters in expression recognition
40 7,561,738 Symbol grouping and recognition in expression recognition
41 7,561,737 Mathematical expression recognition
42 7,561,696 Delivering policy updates for protected content
43 7,561,677 Communication conversion between text and audio
44 7,561,673 Integration of speech services with telecommunications
45 7,561,620 System and process for compressing and decompressing multiple, layered, video streams employing spatial and temporal encoding
46 7,561,206 Detecting progressive video
47 7,561,166 System, method, and computer program product for general environment mapping
48 7,561,161 Quantitative measure of a video interface
49 7,561,145 Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for invoking an electronic ink or handwriting interface
50 7,561,116 Multiple display monitor
51 7,559,834 Dynamic join/exit of players during play of console-based video game