Microsoft patents granted on 14 March 2006

20 US patents granted on 14 March 2006 and assigned to Microsoft

1 7,013,469 Application program interface for network software platform
2 7,013,459 Profile-driven data layout optimization
3 7,013,433 System and method for providing a dynamically updating legend
4 7,013,351 Template architecture and rendering engine for web browser access to databases
5 7,013,350 System setting flags based on address types in destination address field of a message to indicate different transports to deliver the message
6 7,013,340 Postback input handling by server-side control objects
7 7,013,332 Distributed policy model for access control
8 7,013,316 System and method for synchronizing multiple database files
9 7,013,297 Expert system for generating user interfaces
10 7,013,265 Use of a unified language model
11 7,013,264 System and method for matching a textual input to a lexical knowledge based and for utilizing results of that match
12 7,013,251 Server recording and client playback of computer network characteristics
13 7,013,238 System for delivering recommendations
14 7,012,616 Display of images with transparent pixels
15 7,012,609 Interpolation using radial basis functions with application to inverse kinematics
16 7,012,607 Method and system for generating user-interface output sequences
17 7,012,606 System and method for a unified composition engine in a graphics processing system
18 D517,116 Type font
19 D517,087 Portion of an image for a display screen
20 D517,070 Ergonomic and functionally-efficient one-hand user input interface