Microsoft patents granted on 14 October 2008

59 US patents granted on 14 October 2008 and assigned to Microsoft

1 D578,544 Portion of a display screen showing a transitional user interface
2 D578,515 Remote controller key configuration
3 7,437,763 In-context security advisor in a computing environment
4 7,437,751 Pausing television programming in response to selection of hypertext link
5 7,437,742 Protocol agnostic web listener
6 7,437,728 System and method for CPU bandwidth allocation
7 7,437,721 Isolating software deployment over a network from external malicious intrusion
8 7,437,718 Reviewing the security of trusted software components
9 7,437,714 Category partitioning markup language and tools
10 7,437,713 Automated system that tests software on multiple computers
11 7,437,711 Communication among agile and context-bound objects
12 7,437,685 Logical, safe, and more personal user interface for accessing data and launching programs or applications
13 7,437,683 Method and apparatus for fostering immersive reading of electronic documents
14 7,437,679 Displaying information with visual cues to indicate both the importance and the urgency of the information
15 7,437,673 System and method for using a standard composition environment as the composition space for video image editing
16 7,437,664 Comparing hierarchically-structured documents
17 7,437,660 Editable dynamically rendered web pages
18 7,437,659 Automatic correction, and skipping of document design problems based on document types
19 7,437,607 Method and apparatus for restoring a device to a default state
20 7,437,573 Secure unsent message storage pending server connection
21 7,437,566 System and method for identity confirmation of a contact published on a network
22 7,437,555 Encryption systems and methods for identifying and coalescing identical objects encrypted with different keys
23 7,437,551 Public key infrastructure scalability certificate revocation status validation
24 7,437,547 Method and computer program product for offloading processing tasks from software to hardware
25 7,437,483 System and method for transferring a compressed data file to a peripheral device
26 7,437,466 Wire protocol for a media server system
27 7,437,444 Method and system for locating geographical locations of online users
28 7,437,441 Using deltas for efficient policy distribution
29 7,437,440 Peer-to-peer networking framework application programming interfaces
30 7,437,434 XML-based template language for devices and services
31 7,437,431 Method for downloading an icon corresponding to a hierarchical directory structure from a directory service
32 7,437,429 System and method for providing transparent access to distributed authoring and versioning files including encrypted files
33 7,437,428 System and method for transferring data over a network
34 7,437,427 Accessing multiple web pages from a single URL
35 7,437,410 Systems and methods for interfacing with a user in instant messaging
36 7,437,409 Limiting interaction between parties in a networked session
37 7,437,406 System and method for providing language localization for server-based applications
38 7,437,382 Method and system for ranking messages of discussion threads
39 7,437,378 Schema-dominant mapping user interface
40 7,437,376 Scalable object model
41 7,437,371 Systems and methods for the implementation of unordered and ordered collections in a data store
42 7,437,367 Pack URI scheme to identify and reference parts of a package
43 7,437,365 Method for redirecting the source of a data object displayed in an HTML document
44 7,437,357 Method and system for providing service listings in electronic yellow pages
45 7,437,346 Systems and methods for a large object infrastructure in a database system
46 7,437,290 Automatic censorship of audio data for broadcast
47 7,437,279 System and method for abstracting and visualizing a route map
48 7,437,169 System and method for optimizing network communication in response to network conditions
49 7,437,136 System and method for reducing noise in a recording receiver
50 7,437,005 Rapid visual sorting of digital files and data
51 7,436,965 Optical out-of-band key distribution
52 7,436,889 Methods and systems for reducing requantization-originated generational error in predictive video streams using motion compensation
53 7,436,772 Available bandwidth estimation
54 7,436,771 System for refining network utilization and data block sizes in the transfer of data over a network
55 7,436,661 Two-compartment AC adaptor
56 7,436,535 Real-time inking
57 7,436,409 Communication protocol for synchronizing animation systems
58 7,436,405 Terrain rendering using nested regular grids
59 7,436,300 Wireless device support for electronic devices