Microsoft patents granted on 15 April 2008

62 US patents granted on 15 April 2008 and assigned to Microsoft

1 D566,782 Portion of a pedal-based game controller
2 D566,781 Portion of a steering wheel based game controller
3 D566,729 Portion of a media player
4 D566,728 Portion of a media player
5 D566,727 Portion of a media player
6 D566,726 Media player
7 D566,725 Media player
8 D566,724 Icon for a portion of a display screen
9 D566,717 Image for a portion of a display screen
10 D566,681 Portion of an audiovisual communication device
11 D566,680 Portion of an audiovisual communication device
12 D566,679 Portion of an audiovisual communication device
13 D566,383 Holder for an electronic device
14 7,360,253 System and method to lock TPM always `on` using a monitor
15 7,360,230 Overlay management
16 7,360,202 User interface system and methods for providing notification(s)
17 7,360,174 Contact user interface
18 7,360,172 Contact controls
19 7,360,171 Methods and systems of providing information to computer users
20 7,360,169 Web page display system
21 7,360,165 Addresses as objects for email messages
22 7,360,157 Aligning content in an electronic document
23 7,360,156 Method and system for performing actions on content in a region within a free form two-dimensional workspace
24 7,360,152 Universal media player
25 7,360,115 Systems and methods for replicating virtual memory on a host computer and debugging using replicated memory
26 7,360,111 Lossless recovery for computer systems with remotely dependent data recovery
27 7,360,096 Securely processing client credentials used for Web-based access to resources
28 7,360,092 Marking and identifying web-based authentication forms
29 7,360,042 Determining when to evict unused items from storage
30 7,359,991 Folder synchronization
31 7,359,986 Methods and computer program products for providing network quality of service for world wide web applications
32 7,359,980 Progressive streaming media rendering
33 7,359,976 Method and system for improved internet security via HTTP-only cookies
34 7,359,963 System and method for maintaining and publishing web site content
35 7,359,958 Systems and methods for automatically generating cookies
36 7,359,945 Using conditional statements in electronic messages to prevent overuse of resources or time when delivering the electronic message
37 7,359,937 Locating potentially identical objects across multiple computers based on stochastic partitioning of workload
38 7,359,919 Reliable request-response messaging over a request-response transport
39 7,359,915 Dynamic multi-object collection and comparison and action
40 7,359,912 Result set formatting and processing
41 7,359,910 Scalable transformation and tree based query language node–set selection
42 7,359,907 Extending a directory schema independent of schema modification
43 7,359,905 Resource classification and prioritization system
44 7,359,903 System and method of pipeline data access to remote data
45 7,359,902 Method and apparatus for maintaining relationships between parts in a package
46 7,359,899 Determining a rating for a collection of documents
47 7,359,819 Evaluation of device driver output
48 7,359,807 Maintaining and managing metering data for a subsidized computer
49 7,359,714 Context-aware and location-aware cellular phones and methods
50 7,359,679 Multi-access system and method using multi-sectored antenna
51 7,359,572 Automatic analysis and adjustment of digital images with exposure problems
52 7,359,564 Method and system for cancellation of ambient light using light frequency
53 7,359,440 Method and system for extracting key frames from video using a triangle model of motion based on perceived motion energy
54 7,359,362 Control of a multi-sectored antenna system to improve channel efficiency
55 7,359,004 Bi-level and full-color video combination for video communication
56 7,358,978 Perceptually based approach for planar shape morphing
57 7,358,975 Texture-based packing, such as for packing 8-bit pixels into one bit
58 7,358,973 Mixture model for motion lines in a virtual reality environment
59 7,358,965 Tapping to create writing
60 7,358,962 Manipulating association of data with a physical object
61 7,358,956 Method for providing feedback responsive to sensing a physical presence proximate to a control of an electronic device
62 7,358,434 Methods and systems for per persona processing media content-associated metadata