Microsoft patents granted on 15 August 2006

33 US patents granted on 15 August 2006 and assigned to Microsoft

1 D526,656 Icon image for a portion of a display screen
2 D526,650 Housing for a memory device
3 7,093,288 Using packet filters and network virtualization to restrict network communications
4 7,093,273 Television and multimedia viewing paradigm
5 7,093,267 Hosting controls in a window via an interface for controlling the window
6 7,093,266 Stream class driver for computer operating system
7 7,093,235 Process for measuring coding productivity
8 7,093,193 String template pages for generating HTML document
9 7,093,192 Establishing and displaying dynamic grids
10 7,093,162 Persistent stateful component-based applications via automatic recovery
11 7,093,136 Methods, systems, computer program products, and data structures for limiting the dissemination of electronic email
12 7,093,101 Dynamic data structures for tracking file system free space in a flash memory device
13 7,093,044 Method and apparatus for providing quality-of-service delivery facilities over a bus
14 7,093,034 Method and apparatus for input management having a plurality of input provider types wherein staging area holds and allows access by external components
15 7,093,031 Specifying extended configuration descriptor information in a USB device
16 7,093,028 User and content aware object-based data stream transmission methods and arrangements
17 7,093,022 Local queue creation security
18 7,093,001 Methods and systems for adaptive delivery of multimedia contents
19 7,092,995 Testing distributed applications
20 7,092,950 Method for generic object oriented description of structured data (GDL)
21 7,092,879 Techniques for quantization of spectral data in transcoding
22 7,092,871 Tokenizer for a natural language processing system
23 7,092,713 Establishing call paths between source wireless computing systems and remote wireless computing systems using intermediary computing systems
24 7,092,576 Bitplane coding for macroblock field/frame coding type information
25 7,092,566 Object recognition system and process for identifying people and objects in an image of a scene
26 7,092,405 Vertical roaming in wireless networks through improved quality of service measures
27 7,092,118 Progressive image transmission using discrete wavelet transforms
28 7,092,014 Scene capturing and view rendering based on a longitudinally aligned camera array
29 7,091,975 Shape and animation methods and systems using examples
30 7,091,963 Dynamic rendering of ink strokes with transparency
31 7,091,951 High resolution scrolling apparatus
32 7,090,582 Use of multiple player real-time voice communications on a gaming device
33 7,090,576 Personalized behavior of computer controlled avatars in a virtual reality environment