Microsoft patents granted on 15 September 2009

80 US patents granted on 15 September 2009 and assigned to Microsoft

1 D600,206 Portion of a charger
2 D600,012 Holder for an electronic device with surface ornamentation
3 7,591,021 Object model document for obfuscating object model therein
4 7,591,015 Secure kernel transactions
5 7,591,014 Program authentication on environment
6 7,591,012 Dynamic negotiation of encryption protocols
7 7,591,010 Method and system for separating rules of a security policy from detection criteria
8 7,591,008 Client authentication using multiple user certificates
9 7,591,002 Conditional activation of security policies
10 7,590,999 System and method for recording a signal using a central point of control
11 7,590,994 Interactive entertainment and information system using television set-top box
12 7,590,989 Load balancer management
13 7,590,988 Dynamic service generation for legacy components
14 7,590,981 Update package for offline synchronization of software updates
15 7,590,978 Inferring object invariant method and system
16 7,590,973 Systems and methods for gathering, organizing and executing test cases
17 7,590,969 Type system
18 7,590,944 Scrollable and re-sizeable formula bar
19 7,590,943 Systems and methods for creating and managing graphical user interface lists
20 7,590,939 Storage and utilization of slide presentation slides
21 7,590,936 Method for extracting information associated with a search term
22 7,590,935 Dynamic generation of WSDL documents based on database metadata
23 7,590,931 Method and apparatus for form pooling
24 7,590,841 Automatic update of computer-readable components to support a trusted environment
25 7,590,806 Filtering of transactional memory operations using associative tables
26 7,590,779 Determining latency and persistency of storage devices and presenting a save/read user interface through abstracted storage
27 7,590,762 API for network discovery
28 7,590,755 Method to offload a network stack
29 7,590,750 Systems and methods for multimedia remoting over terminal server connections
30 7,590,736 Flexible network load balancing
31 7,590,731 Accessing a server using a user authentication indicator
32 7,590,726 Systems and methods for unifying and/or utilizing state information for managing networked systems
33 7,590,720 Systems and methods for locating geographical regions of mobile computer users
34 7,590,713 Presenting a merged view of remote application shortcuts from multiple providers
35 7,590,705 Profile and consent accrual
36 7,590,704 Systems and methods for processing dynamic content
37 7,590,699 Instant messaging with built-in search
38 7,590,680 Extensible robotic framework and robot modeling
39 7,590,669 Managing client configuration data
40 7,590,668 Pausable backups of file system items
41 7,590,666 Predicting capacity consumption in a memory component
42 7,590,659 Adaptive menu system for media players
43 7,590,656 Methods and systems for providing playlists
44 7,590,654 Type definition language for defining content-index from a rich structured WinFS data type
45 7,590,646 System and method for segmented evaluation of database queries
46 7,590,645 Performant and scalable merge strategy for text indexing
47 7,590,643 Systems and methods for extensions and inheritance for units of information manageable by a hardware/software interface system
48 7,590,638 System and method for online analytical processing using dimension attributes and multiple hierarchies where first hierarchy has at least one attribute from the defined dimension not present in the second hierarchy
49 7,590,634 Detection of inaccessible resources
50 7,590,626 Distributional similarity-based models for query correction
51 7,590,621 Systems for schema-facilitated device capability discovery
52 7,590,619 Search system using user behavior data
53 7,590,612 Blog map for searching and/or navigating the blogosphere
54 7,590,608 Electronic mail data cleaning
55 7,590,603 Method and system for classifying and identifying messages as question or not a question within a discussion thread
56 7,590,600 Self-contained rights management for non-volatile memory
57 7,590,575 Method and apparatus for converting, formatting, and displaying currency values
58 7,590,553 Integrated spatial view of time, location, and event schedule information
59 7,590,535 Method and system of handling the selection of alternates for recognized words
60 7,590,533 New-word pronunciation learning using a pronunciation graph
61 7,590,531 Robust decoder
62 7,590,529 Method and apparatus for reducing noise corruption from an alternative sensor signal during multi-sensory speech enhancement
63 7,590,521 Method and system for probe optimization while instrumenting a program
64 7,590,520 Non-deterministic testing
65 7,590,519 Distributed system simulation: slow message relaxation
66 7,590,344 Adaptive processing for images captured with flash
67 7,590,269 Integrated control for navigation, authentication, power on and rotation
68 7,590,267 Accelerated face detection based on prior probability of a view
69 7,590,265 System and method for extracting reflection and transparency layers from multiple images
70 7,590,233 User configurable headset for monaural and binaural modes
71 7,590,179 Bitplane coding of prediction mode information in bi-directionally predicted interlaced pictures
72 7,590,065 Equal-opportunity bandwidth regulation
73 7,589,791 Methods and systems for independently controlling the presentation speed of digital video frames and digital audio samples
74 7,589,760 Distributed presentations employing inputs from multiple video cameras located at multiple sites and customizable display screen configurations
75 7,589,742 Random map generation in a strategy video game
76 7,589,725 Soft shadows in dynamic scenes
77 7,589,723 Real-time rendering of partially translucent objects
78 7,589,720 Mesh editing with gradient field manipulation and user interactive tools for object merging
79 7,589,710 J-key input for computer systems
80 7,589,496 User input device charging system