Microsoft patents granted on 16 June 2009

66 US patents granted on 16 June 2009 and assigned to Microsoft

1 D594,459 Electronic mouse
2 D594,458 Electronic mouse
3 7,549,173 Security mechanism for computer processing
4 7,549,170 System and method of inkblot authentication
5 7,549,158 Method and system for customizing a security policy
6 7,549,154 Extensible architecture for auxiliary displays
7 7,549,152 Method and system for maintaining buffer registrations in a system area network
8 7,549,150 Method and system for detecting potential races in multithreaded programs
9 7,549,148 Self-describing software image update components
10 7,549,144 Custom API modeling for source code static analysis simulator
11 7,549,129 Computer system with enhanced user interface for images
12 7,549,125 Information picker
13 7,549,124 System and method for implementing a user interface in a client management tool
14 7,549,118 Methods and systems for defining documents with selectable and/or sequenceable parts
15 7,549,117 Worldwide number format for a spreadsheet program module
16 7,549,115 System and method for integrated spreadsheets and word processing tables
17 7,549,087 User interface panel for hung applications
18 7,549,063 Methods and systems of protecting digital content
19 7,549,062 Organization-based content rights management and systems, structures, and methods therefor
20 7,549,060 Using a rights template to obtain a signed rights label (SRL) for digital content in a digital rights management system
21 7,549,051 Long-life digital certification for publishing long-life digital content or the like in content rights management system or the like
22 7,549,048 Efficient and secure authentication of computing systems
23 7,549,045 Delegate registration in a managed code execution environment
24 7,549,042 Applying custom software image updates to non-volatile storage in a failsafe manner
25 7,549,022 Avoiding cache line sharing in virtual machines
26 7,548,995 Strategies for disseminating media information using redundant network streams
27 7,548,976 Methods and systems for providing variable rates of service for accessing networks, methods and systems for accessing the internet
28 7,548,948 Client-side caching of streaming media content
29 7,548,939 Generating storage reports using volume snapshots
30 7,548,936 Systems and methods to present web image search results for effective image browsing
31 7,548,934 Auto playlist generator
32 7,548,932 Schemas for a notification platform and related information services
33 7,548,927 Abstracted metadata policy component and related architecture
34 7,548,926 High performance navigator for parsing inputs of a message
35 7,548,925 Diagrammatic access and arrangement of data
36 7,548,923 Sync configuration and discovery support
37 7,548,912 Simplified search interface for querying a relational database
38 7,548,911 Diagnosing problems in distributed systems
39 7,548,909 Search engine dash-board
40 7,548,906 Bucket-based searching
41 7,548,904 Utility-based archiving
42 7,548,901 System and method for delayed fetching of designated members of a user defined type
43 7,548,895 Communication-prompted user assistance
44 7,548,892 Processing machine learning techniques using a graphics processing unit
45 7,548,889 Payment information security for multi-merchant purchasing environment for downloadable products
46 7,548,858 System and method for selective audible rendering of data to a user based on user input
47 7,548,856 Systems and methods for discriminative density model selection
48 7,548,855 Techniques for measurement of perceptual audio quality
49 7,548,850 Techniques for measurement of perceptual audio quality
50 7,548,847 System for automatically annotating training data for a natural language understanding system
51 7,548,843 Simulation of distributed networks
52 7,548,749 High-speed internal wireless bus
53 7,548,677 Interactive display using planar radiation guide
54 7,548,662 System and process for increasing the apparent resolution of a display
55 7,548,661 Single-image vignetting correction
56 7,548,659 Video enhancement
57 7,548,648 Background maintenance of an image sequence
58 7,548,612 Common gateway to call control systems
59 7,548,547 Controlling the transfer of terminal server data
60 7,548,335 Print job queuing and scheduling systems and methods
61 7,548,259 System and method for producing a higher resolution still image from video information
62 7,548,255 Method and system for capturing video on a personal computer
63 7,548,253 Self-calibration for a catadioptric camera
64 7,548,245 Image formats for video capture, processing and display
65 7,548,239 Matching digital information flow to a human perception system
66 7,548,237 System and method for managing visual structure, timing, and animation in a graphics processing system