Microsoft patents granted on 16 May 2006

35 US patents granted on 16 May 2006 and assigned to Microsoft

1 7,047,560 Credential authentication for mobile users
2 7,047,534 Simplified device drivers for hardware devices of a computer system
3 7,047,529 Software installation and validation using custom actions
4 7,047,501 Method for displaying controls in a system using a graphical user interface
5 7,047,484 Method, system, and apparatus for providing access to asynchronous data in a spreadsheet application program
6 7,047,480 Matrix multiplication in a Galois field for forward error correction
7 7,047,441 Recovery guarantees for general multi-tier applications
8 7,047,422 User access to a unique data subset of a database
9 7,047,421 Data signal with a database and a compressed key
10 7,047,420 Exclusive encryption
11 7,047,413 Collusion-resistant watermarking and fingerprinting
12 7,047,411 Server for an electronic distribution system and method of operating same
13 7,047,387 Block cache size management via virtual memory manager feedback
14 7,047,294 Page-view recording with click-thru tracking
15 7,047,285 System and method for providing a unified messaging scheme in a mobile device
16 7,047,243 Coordinating transactional web services
17 7,047,200 Voice recognition status display
18 7,047,189 Sound source separation using convolutional mixing and a priori sound source knowledge
19 7,047,183 Method and apparatus for using wildcards in semantic parsing
20 7,047,047 Non-linear observation model for removing noise from corrupted signals
21 7,046,994 System and method for associating a contact with a call ID
22 7,046,826 Machine vision system and method for estimating and tracking facial pose
23 7,046,825 Machine vision system and method for estimating and tracking facial pose
24 7,046,691 Methods and systems for dynamic conversion of objects from one format type to another format type by selectively using an intermediary format type
25 7,046,689 Content provider for pull based intelligent caching system
26 7,046,672 Robust, inferentially synchronized transmission of compressed transport-layer-protocol headers
27 7,046,243 Rendering volumetric fog and other gaseous phenomena
28 7,046,229 Computer input device providing absolute and relative positional information
29 D521,055 Type font
30 D521,053 Type font
31 D521,021 Icon for a display screen
32 D521,020 Icon for a display screen
33 D521,018 Portion of an image for a display screen
34 D521,016 User interface for a portion of a display screen
35 D521,015 Portion of a game controller