Microsoft patents granted on 16 October 2007

68 US patents granted on 16 October 2007 and assigned to Microsoft

1 7,284,271 Authorizing a requesting entity to operate upon data structures
2 7,284,263 Rights management inter-entity message policies and enforcement
3 7,284,245 Query trees including or nodes for event filtering
4 7,284,244 Resource manager architecture with dynamic resource allocation among multiple configurations
5 7,284,243 Installing content specific filename systems
6 7,284,240 API schema language and transformation techniques
7 7,284,209 Managing position and size for a desktop component
8 7,284,205 Providing multiple input bindings across device categories
9 7,284,202 Interactive multi media user interface using affinity based categorization
10 7,284,200 Organization of handwritten notes using handwritten titles
11 7,284,199 Process of localizing objects in markup language documents
12 7,284,197 Schema-based services for identity-based data access to application settings data
13 7,284,193 Page object model
14 7,284,190 Automatically generated compatibility reports
15 7,284,189 Template help pane
16 7,284,157 Faulty driver protection comparing list of driver faults
17 7,284,146 Markov model of availability for clustered systems
18 7,284,135 Methods and systems for maintaining an encrypted video memory subsystem
19 7,284,124 Trust level based platform access regulation application
20 7,284,121 System and method for transmitting reduced information from a certificate to perform encryption operations
21 7,284,119 Method and computer program product for offloading processing tasks from software to hardware
22 7,284,108 Systems and methods for multiprocessor scalable write barrier
23 7,284,107 Special-use heaps
24 7,284,098 Message based inter-process for high volume data
25 7,284,083 Dynamically configuring resources for cycle translation in a computer system
26 7,284,071 Waking a link layer based on data contained in a network packet
27 7,284,062 Increasing the level of automation when provisioning a computer system to access a network
28 7,284,060 Method for transferring data in a system having multiple transports
29 7,284,056 Resolving host name data
30 7,284,047 System and method for controlling network demand via congestion pricing
31 7,284,031 Protocol-independent client-side caching system and method
32 7,284,021 Determining when a low fidelity property value has changed during a SYNC
33 7,284,015 System and method for data migration
34 7,284,010 System and method for storing and retrieving a field of a user defined type outside of a database store in which the type is defined
35 7,284,006 Method and apparatus for browsing document content
36 7,283,996 Converting expressions to execution plans
37 7,283,992 Media agent to suggest contextually related media content
38 7,283,991 Caching system for path search optimization
39 7,283,966 Scalable audio communications utilizing rate-distortion based end-to-end bit allocation
40 7,283,959 Compact easily parseable binary format for a context-free grammar
41 7,283,952 Correcting model bias during quality and rate control for digital audio
42 7,283,950 System and method for translating from a source language to at least one target language utilizing a community of contributors
43 7,283,881 Extensible kernel-mode audio processing architecture
44 7,283,850 Method and apparatus for multi-sensory speech enhancement on a mobile device
45 7,283,841 Transforming media device
46 7,283,834 Multi-radio unification protocol
47 7,283,764 Device option configuration selection
48 7,283,724 Rewind and fast-forward for enhanced television
49 7,283,670 Electronic ink processing
50 7,283,645 Object recognition using binary image quantization and Hough kernels
51 7,283,629 Deriving keys used to securely process electronic messages
52 7,283,621 System for speech-enabled web applications
53 7,283,589 Packetization of FGS/PFGS video bitstreams
54 7,283,214 Self-mixing laser range sensor
55 7,283,140 Texture montage
56 7,283,134 Regional progressive meshes
57 7,283,133 Triangle management in triangular meshes based on a tri-edge structure
58 7,283,125 Text input device and adapter mechanism
59 7,283,122 Input device including a scroll wheel assembly
60 7,283,121 Input device with forward/backward control
61 7,283,112 Reflective microelectrical mechanical structure (MEMS) optical modulator and optical display system
62 7,281,936 Modular electronic storage unit
63 7,281,935 Connector for modular electronic storage unit
64 D553,151 Icon for a portion of a display screen
65 D553,150 Icon for a portion of a display screen
66 D553,149 Icon for a portion of a display screen
67 D553,147 User interface for a portion of a display screen
68 D553,138 User interface for a portion of a display screen