Microsoft patents granted on 17 April 2007

46 US patents granted on 17 April 2007 and assigned to Microsoft

1 7,207,064 Partial grant set evaluation from partial evidence in an evidence-based security policy manager
2 7,207,056 Remote task scheduling for a set top box
3 7,207,034 Undo infrastructure
4 7,207,009 Method and system for displaying an image instead of data
5 7,206,974 System and method for monitoring and reporting events between peripheral device and host system applications
6 7,206,940 Methods and systems providing per pixel security and functionality
7 7,206,868 Method and system for providing a peripheral service to a host computing device
8 7,206,866 Continuous media priority aware storage scheduler
9 7,206,862 Method and apparatus for efficiently matching responses to requests previously passed by a network node
10 7,206,855 System and method for exchanging information across a computer network at variable transmission rates
11 7,206,828 Location-based scenarios to facilitate selection of system configuration
12 7,206,822 Active stream format for holding multiple media streams
13 7,206,810 Arbitration of state changes
14 7,206,796 System and method for synchronizing multiple database files
15 7,206,788 Schema-based services for identity-based access to device data
16 7,206,787 System for improving the performance of information retrieval-type tasks by identifying the relations of constituents
17 7,206,776 Priority differentiated subtree locking
18 7,206,775 System and methods for the automatic transmission of new, high affinity media
19 7,206,774 System and method for implementing a conditional payload server
20 7,206,742 Context free grammar engine for speech recognition system
21 7,206,741 Method of speech recognition using time-dependent interpolation and hidden dynamic value classes
22 7,206,736 Method and apparatus for improving statistical word alignment models using smoothing
23 7,206,735 Scaleable machine translation
24 7,206,650 Digital audio signal filtering mechanism and method
25 7,206,649 Audio watermarking with dual watermarks
26 7,206,590 Automated cellular telephone clock setting
27 7,206,495 Methods and systems for managing multiple inputs and methods and systems for processing media content
28 7,206,453 Dynamic filtering for lossy compression
29 7,206,450 Compression of bi-level images with explicit representation of ink clusters
30 7,206,000 System and process for generating a two-layer, 3D representation of a scene
31 7,205,998 System and process for optimal texture map reconstruction from multiple views
32 7,205,985 Reflowable ink
33 7,205,977 Input device including a wheel assembly for scrolling an image in multiple directions
34 7,204,428 Identification of object on interactive display surface by identifying coded pattern
35 7,204,409 Reader application markup language schema
36 D540,850 Type font
37 D540,849 Type font
38 D540,814 Icon for a portion of a display screen
39 D540,812 Icon for a portion of a display screen
40 D540,811 User interface for a portion of a display screen
41 D540,810 Animated image for a portion of a display screen
42 D540,807 Portion of a keyboard
43 D540,801 Electronic mouse
44 D540,800 Portion of an electronic mouse
45 D540,799 Electronic mouse
46 D540,752 Front portion of an electronic housing