Microsoft patents granted on 19 August 2008

26 US patents granted on 19 August 2008 and assigned to Microsoft

1 D575,303 Icon for a portion of a display screen
2 D575,269 Ear phones
3 D575,261 Audiovisual communication device
4 7,415,712 Heavyweight and lightweight instrumentation
5 7,415,711 System and method for a transport independent gaming API for mobile devices
6 7,415,672 System and method for designing electronic forms
7 7,415,666 Method and system for navigating paginated content in page-based increments
8 7,415,635 Integrated software test framework for performance testing of a software application
9 7,415,620 System and method for authenticating an operating system to a central processing unit, providing the CPU/OS with secure storage, and authenticating the CPU/OS to a third party
10 7,415,608 On-disk file format for a serverless distributed file system
11 7,415,606 Method and apparatus for managing secure collaborative transactions
12 7,415,529 Media streaming of web content data
13 7,415,524 Postback input handling by server-side control objects
14 7,415,481 Method and implementation for referencing of dynamic data within spreadsheet formulas
15 7,415,474 Programmable calculation engine
16 7,415,459 Scoping queries in a search engine
17 7,415,454 Allocation performance by query optimization
18 7,415,448 Adaptive engine for processing geographic data
19 7,415,152 Method and system for constructing a 3D representation of a face from a 2D representation
20 7,415,117 System and method for beamforming using a microphone array
21 7,414,638 Application sharing user interface improvements
22 7,414,629 Automatic scenery object generation
23 7,414,628 Methods and systems for rendering computer graphics
24 7,414,625 Generation of glow effect
25 7,414,623 Adaptive sampling for procedural graphics
26 7,414,615 System and method for inputting characters using a directional pad