Microsoft patents granted on 20 June 2006

37 US patents granted on 20 June 2006 and assigned to Microsoft

1 D523,444 Transitional image for a portion of a display screen
2 D523,443 Transitional image for a portion of a display screen
3 D523,433 Keyboard
4 7,065,787 Publishing content in connection with digital rights management (DRM) architecture
5 7,065,784 Systems and methods for integrating access control with a namespace
6 7,065,771 Distributed types and proxy refinement
7 7,065,742 System and method for dynamically processing declarative language instance data
8 7,065,740 System and method to automate the management of computer services and programmable devices
9 7,065,707 Segmenting and indexing web pages using function-based object models
10 7,065,677 Method for testing operating system components
11 7,065,674 Computer system fault recovery using distributed fault-recovery information
12 7,065,659 Power management architecture for defining component power states under a global power state and maintaining a power state floor for a specified component if a power state for the specified component under a new global power state is below the power state floor
13 7,065,651 Secure video card methods and systems
14 7,065,617 Efficient write-watch mechanism useful for garbage collection in a computer system
15 7,065,607 System and method for implementing a counter
16 7,065,587 Peer-to-peer name resolution protocol (PNRP) and multilevel cache for use therewith
17 7,065,568 System and method for managing states and user context over stateless protocols
18 7,065,558 Opportunistic directory cache and method of serving target directory information in a network environment
19 7,065,553 Presentation system with distributed object oriented multi-user domain and separate view and model objects
20 7,065,534 Anomaly detection in data perspectives
21 7,065,530 Data structure for efficient access to variable-size data objects
22 7,065,527 Systems and methods of optimizing metadata publishing system updates by alternating databases
23 7,065,523 Scoping queries in a search engine
24 7,065,507 Supervised license acquisition in a digital rights management system on a computing device
25 7,065,416 System and methods for providing automatic classification of media entities according to melodic movement properties
26 7,065,376 Multi-radio unification protocol
27 7,065,260 Rebinning methods and arrangements for use in compressing image-based rendering (IBR) data
28 7,065,252 System and method providing improved data compression via wavelet coefficient encoding
29 7,065,249 System and method for image editing
30 7,065,233 Rapid computer modeling of faces for animation
31 7,065,216 Methods and systems of protecting digital content
32 7,064,879 Magnetically actuated microelectrochemical systems actuator
33 7,064,790 Adaptive video data frame resampling
34 7,064,766 Intelligent caching data structure for immediate mode graphics
35 7,064,762 Methods and system for general skinning via hardware accelerators
36 7,064,758 System and method of caching glyphs for display by a remote terminal
37 7,064,675 Context-sensitive remote controls