Microsoft patents granted on 21 August 2007

35 US patents granted on 21 August 2007 and assigned to Microsoft

1 D549,236 Icon for a portion of a display screen
2 D549,235 Icon for a portion of a display screen
3 D549,234 Icon for a portion of a display screen
4 D549,233 Icon for a portion of a display screen
5 7,260,840 Multi-layer based method for implementing network firewalls
6 7,260,826 Resource allocation in multi-stream IP network for optimized quality of service
7 7,260,781 System, method and user interface for active reading of electronic content
8 7,260,780 Method and apparatus for providing foreign language text display when encoding is not available
9 7,260,775 System and method for discovering information about web resources
10 7,260,738 System and method for splitting an image across multiple computer readable media
11 7,260,732 Power regulation system and method for a portable electronic device
12 7,260,702 Systems and methods for running a legacy 32-bit x86 virtual machine on a 64-bit x86 processor
13 7,260,693 Adaptive disk layout techniques and tools
14 7,260,633 System and method for processing requests from newly registered remote application consumers
15 7,260,626 Wire protocol for a media server system
16 7,260,611 Multi-leader distributed system
17 7,260,602 System and method of network content location for roaming clients
18 7,260,574 Method and system for mapping strings for comparison
19 7,260,568 Verifying relevance between keywords and web site contents
20 7,260,560 Modified motion control for a virtual reality environment
21 7,260,535 Web server controls for web enabled recognition and/or audible prompting for call controls
22 7,260,525 Filtering of control parameters in quality and rate control for digital audio
23 7,260,513 System and method for analytically modeling data from different measure groups onto a single cube
24 7,260,503 Testing using policy-based processing of test results
25 7,260,312 Method and apparatus for storing content
26 7,260,310 Methods and systems for managing multiple inputs and methods and systems for processing media content
27 7,260,278 System and method for real-time whiteboard capture and processing
28 7,260,261 Systems and methods for enhanced image adaptation
29 7,260,257 System and method for whiteboard and audio capture
30 7,260,224 Automated secure key transfer
31 7,259,784 System and method for camera color calibration and image stitching
32 7,259,779 Automatic assessment of de-interlaced video quality
33 7,259,758 System and method for reducing latency in display of computer-generated graphics
34 7,259,753 Classifying, anchoring, and transforming ink
35 7,259,752 Method and system for editing electronic ink