Microsoft patents granted on 21 March 2006

30 US patents granted on 21 March 2006 and assigned to Microsoft

1 7,017,189 System and method for activating a rendering device in a multi-level rights-management architecture
2 7,017,162 Application program interface for network software platform
3 7,017,155 Installing software on a mobile computing device using the rollback and security features of a configuration manager
4 7,017,144 Combined image views and method of creating images
5 7,017,143 External resource files for application development and management
6 7,017,112 Importing and exporting markup language data in a spreadsheet application document
7 7,017,105 Deleting objects from a store of a device
8 7,017,037 Apparatus and method to decrease boot time and hibernate awaken time of a computer system utilizing disk spin-up-time
9 7,017,004 System and method for updating contents of a flash ROM
10 7,016,960 Authenticating user access to a network server without communicating user authentication cookie to the network server
11 7,016,950 System and method for restricting data transfers and managing software components of distributed computers
12 7,016,914 Performant and scalable merge strategy for text indexing
13 7,016,912 Write-back to cells
14 7,016,909 Method and system for expansion of recurring calendar events
15 7,016,902 Flexible subscription-based event notification
16 7,016,884 Probability estimate for K-nearest neighbor
17 7,016,881 Method for boosting the performance of machine-learning classifiers
18 7,016,838 Method and system for frame alignment and unsupervised adaptation of acoustic models
19 7,016,830 Use of a unified language model
20 7,016,829 Method and apparatus for unsupervised training of natural language processing units
21 7,016,746 Digital audio signal filtering mechanism and method
22 7,016,705 Reducing power consumption in a networked battery-operated device using sensors
23 7,016,547 Adaptive entropy encoding/decoding for screen capture content
24 7,016,529 System and method facilitating pattern recognition
25 7,016,498 Encrypting a digital object on a key ID selected therefor
26 7,016,419 Systems for MPEG subsample decoding
27 7,016,055 Synchronization of plugins
28 7,015,926 System and process for generating a two-layer, 3D representation of a scene
29 7,015,925 System and method for producing a video signal
30 7,015,837 Lossless adaptive encoding and decoding of integer data