Microsoft patents granted on 22 April 2008

58 US patents granted on 22 April 2008 and assigned to Microsoft

1 D567,297 Portion of a gaming console having an illuminated region
2 D567,278 Electronic camera
3 D567,253 Icon for a portion of a display screen
4 D567,251 User interface for a portion of a display screen
5 D567,249 Portion of a display screen with an animated image
6 7,363,649 Media content descriptions
7 7,363,646 Video on demand methods and systems
8 7,363,633 Registering and storing dependencies among applications and objects in a computer system and communicating the dependencies to a recovery or backup service
9 7,363,628 Data centric and protocol agnostic workflows for exchanging data between a workflow instance and a workflow host
10 7,363,619 API schema language and transformation techniques
11 7,363,616 Systems and methods for prioritized data-driven software testing
12 7,363,591 Electronic programming guide system and method
13 7,363,586 Component localization
14 7,363,585 Methods and arrangements for providing non-model reminder information in a graphical user interface
15 7,363,583 Method and system for providing a compact layout of connected nodes
16 7,363,578 Method and apparatus for mapping a data model to a user interface model
17 7,363,550 Remote error detection by preserving errors generated throughout a software stack within a message
18 7,363,540 Transaction-safe FAT file system improvements
19 7,363,463 Method and system for caching address translations from multiple address spaces in virtual machines
20 7,363,449 Software agent-based architecture for data relocation
21 7,363,407 Concurrent arbitration of multidimensional requests for interrupt resources
22 7,363,378 Transport system for instant messaging
23 7,363,375 Adaptive allocation of last-hop bandwidth based on monitoring of end-to-end throughput
24 7,363,357 Context-aware systems and methods, location-aware systems and methods, context-aware vehicles and methods of operating the same, and location-aware vehicles and methods of operating the same
25 7,363,342 Method and apparatus for providing web services in a collaborative computing system
26 7,363,336 Six-term Karatsuba-variant calculator
27 7,363,332 Dynamic synchronization of tables
28 7,363,328 Method and system for modifying schema definitions
29 7,363,322 Methods and systems for performing reliable asynchronous notification of high-level document operations
30 7,363,314 System and method for dynamic playlist of media
31 7,363,305 Centralized terminology and glossary management
32 7,363,301 Database aggregation query result estimator
33 7,363,298 Optimized cache efficiency behavior
34 7,363,296 Generating a subindex with relevant attributes to improve querying
35 7,363,289 Method and apparatus for exploiting statistics on query expressions for optimization
36 7,363,282 Search system using user behavior data
37 7,363,279 Method and system for calculating importance of a block within a display page
38 7,363,263 Method and system for representing dependencies in a financial plan
39 7,363,257 Method and system for in-line secondary transactions
40 7,363,229 Systems and methods for managing multiple grammars in a speech recognition system
41 7,363,225 Compressing language models with Golomb coding
42 7,363,224 Method for entering text
43 7,363,221 Method of noise reduction using instantaneous signal-to-noise ratio as the principal quantity for optimal estimation
44 7,363,202 State exploration using multiple state groupings
45 7,363,201 Facial image processing methods and systems
46 7,363,192 Noisy histograms
47 7,363,096 Digital audio signal filtering mechanism and method
48 7,363,027 Sequential multimodal input
49 7,363,008 Spectrum sharing in the unlicensed band
50 7,362,918 System and method for de-noising multiple copies of a signal
51 7,362,861 Methods and apparatus for protecting information content
52 7,362,718 Maintaining membership within a federation infrastructure
53 7,362,462 System and method for rules-based image acquisition
54 7,362,350 System and process for adding high frame-rate current speaker data to a low frame-rate video
55 7,362,341 System and method for customizing the visual layout of screen display areas
56 7,362,326 Determining the convex hull of convex polygons with congruent corresponding angles
57 7,362,311 Single column layout for content pages
58 7,362,308 Modular scroll wheel with integral detent-engaging spring tab