Microsoft patents granted on 22 August 2006

28 US patents granted on 22 August 2006 and assigned to Microsoft

1 D527,014 Icon for a portion of a display screen
2 D527,012 User interface for a portion of a display screen
3 D527,010 Animated image for a portion of a display screen
4 7,096,462 System and method for using data address sequences of a program in a software development tool
5 7,096,456 Method and apparatus for providing dynamically scoped variables within a statically scoped computer programming language
6 7,096,435 Method and apparatus for detecting the type of interface to which a peripheral device is connected
7 7,096,432 Write anywhere tool
8 7,096,422 Markup language visual mapping
9 7,096,367 System and methods for caching in connection with authorization in a computer system
10 7,096,364 Collusion-resistant watermarking and fingerprinting
11 7,096,271 Managing timeline modification and synchronization of multiple media streams in networked client/server systems
12 7,096,258 System and method providing automatic policy enforcement in a multi-computer service application
13 7,096,234 Methods and systems for providing playlists
14 7,096,228 Method and system for managing data records on a computer network
15 7,096,216 Performing operations on a set of objects in a database system
16 7,096,208 Large margin perceptrons for document categorization
17 7,096,200 System and method for evaluating and enhancing source anonymity for encrypted web traffic
18 7,096,143 System and method for automatic testing of output device capabilities via electronic document
19 7,096,034 System and method for reducing power consumption for wireless communications by mobile devices
20 7,096,029 Context aware computing devices having a common interface and related methods
21 7,096,012 System and method for emulating a telephony driver
22 7,095,899 System and method for progressively transforming and coding digital data
23 7,095,879 System and method for face recognition using synthesized images
24 7,095,873 Watermarking via quantization of statistics of overlapping regions
25 7,095,419 Applying multiple texture maps to objects in three-dimensional imaging processes
26 7,095,416 Facilitating performance analysis for processing
27 7,095,412 Methods and systems for hinting fonts
28 7,095,411 Methods and systems for hinting fonts