Microsoft patents granted on 22 September 2009

74 US patents granted on 22 September 2009 and assigned to Microsoft

1 D600,733 Portion of an electronic camera
2 D600,732 Electronic camera
3 D600,718 Icon for a display screen
4 D600,717 Icon for a display screen
5 D600,716 Icon for a display screen
6 D600,715 Icon for a display screen
7 D600,714 Icon for a display screen
8 D600,713 Icon for a display screen
9 D600,712 Icon for a display screen
10 D600,711 Icon for a display screen
11 D600,710 Icon for a display screen
12 D600,709 Icon for a display screen
13 D600,708 Icon for a display screen
14 D600,707 Icon for a display screen
15 D600,706 Icon for a display screen
16 D600,705 Icon for a display screen
17 D600,704 Icon for a display screen
18 D600,703 Icon for a display screen
19 7,594,277 Method and system for detecting when an outgoing communication contains certain content
20 7,594,275 Digital rights management system
21 7,594,261 Cryptographic applications of the Cartier pairing
22 7,594,230 Web server architecture
23 7,594,225 Integrated setup for generating customization XML
24 7,594,187 Bookmarking and placemarking a displayed document in a computer system
25 7,594,185 Virtual desktop manager
26 7,594,177 System and method for video browsing using a cluster index
27 7,594,174 Live preview and selection of font and color sets
28 7,594,170 Mechanism for providing data driven command line output
29 7,594,166 Dynamic web page behaviors
30 7,594,142 Architecture for automated detection and analysis of security issues
31 7,594,136 Paging-triggered corrupted file recovery
32 7,594,064 Free sector manager for data stored in flash memory devices
33 7,594,031 Network address selection
34 7,594,030 Locator and tracking service for peer to peer resources
35 7,594,025 Startup methods and apparatuses for use in streaming content
36 7,594,023 Data carousel receiving and caching
37 7,594,022 Regulating client requests in an electronic messaging environment
38 7,594,020 Re-establishing a connection for an application layer via a service layer
39 7,594,013 Creating home pages based on user-selected information of web pages
40 7,594,001 Partial page output caching
41 7,593,994 Generating a dynamic web service and dynamic service surrogate for legacy application components
42 7,593,988 Systems and methods for multiparty session invite
43 7,593,986 Method and system for generating a routing table for a conference
44 7,593,969 Linked dimension and measure groups
45 7,593,959 Color management system that supports legacy and advanced color management applications
46 7,593,958 Versions and workspaces in an object repository
47 7,593,951 Application programming interface for centralized storage of principal data
48 7,593,950 Album art on devices with rules management
49 7,593,949 Compression of structured documents
50 7,593,943 Method and system for synchronizing multiple user revisions to a shared object
51 7,593,934 Learning a document ranking using a loss function with a rank pair or a query parameter
52 7,593,927 Unstructured data in a mining model language
53 7,593,926 Partial pre-aggregation in relational database queries
54 7,593,925 Method and system for locating contact information collected from contact sources
55 7,593,924 Method, system, and apparatus for receiving and responding to knowledge interchange queries
56 7,593,908 Training with heterogeneous data
57 7,593,906 Bayesian probability accuracy improvements for web traffic predictions
58 7,593,846 Method and apparatus for building semantic structures using self-describing fragments
59 7,593,843 Statistical language model for logical form using transfer mappings
60 7,593,755 Display of wireless data
61 7,593,593 Method and system for reducing effects of undesired signals in an infrared imaging system
62 7,593,574 Ink warping for normalization and beautification / ink beautification
63 7,593,572 Ink-parser-parameter optimization
64 7,593,548 Secure and anonymous storage and accessibility for sensitive data
65 7,593,466 Generalized reference decoder for image or video processing
66 7,593,423 Quality of service differentiation in wireless networks
67 7,593,333 Efficient one-to-many content distribution in a peer-to-peer computer network
68 7,593,057 Multi-view integrated camera system with housing
69 7,593,042 Maintenance of panoramic camera orientation
70 7,593,020 Image editing using image-wide matting
71 7,593,011 Light map compression
72 7,593,010 Software-implemented transform and lighting module and pipeline for graphics rendering on embedded platforms using a fixed-point normalized homogenous coordinate system
73 7,592,998 System and method for inputting characters using a directional pad
74 7,591,424 Framework for adding billing payment types