Microsoft patents granted on 23 June 2009

44 US patents granted on 23 June 2009 and assigned to Microsoft

1 7,552,460 Modifying an electronic program guide based on viewer statistics
2 7,552,452 Safe, secure resource editing for application localization with language fallback
3 7,552,451 Persisting state across navigations in a navigation-based application and responding to navigation-related events throughout an application
4 7,552,450 Systems and methods for enabling applications via an application programming interface (API) to interface with and configure digital media components
5 7,552,431 Multiple patching in a single installation transaction
6 7,552,430 Patch sequencing
7 7,552,426 Systems and methods for using synthetic instructions in a virtual machine
8 7,552,422 Test case inheritance controlled via attributes
9 7,552,418 Systems and methods for creating and providing templates in a single file
10 7,552,403 Controlling an electronic component within an environment using a pointing device
11 7,552,402 Interface orientation using shadows
12 7,552,397 Multiple window behavior system
13 7,552,391 Methods and arrangements for providing multiple concurrent desktops and workspaces in a shared computing environment having remote nodes
14 7,552,386 Methods and systems for treating overflow conditions and for re-sizing printable content
15 7,552,349 User configurable power conservation through LCD display screen reduction
16 7,552,341 Licensing the use of software on a particular CPU
17 7,552,337 Service protection
18 7,552,336 Watermarking with covert channel and permutations
19 7,552,331 Secure media path methods, systems, and architectures
20 7,552,244 Universal graphic adapter for interfacing with UGA hardware for support of a plurality of emumerated devices
21 7,552,243 Discovering printers and shares
22 7,552,228 System and method for recording a presentation for on-demand viewing over a computer network
23 7,552,208 Methods for managing capacity
24 7,552,206 Throttling service connections based on network paths
25 7,552,204 Method and system for supporting the communication of presence information among computing devices of a network
26 7,552,179 Envelope e-mail journaling with best effort recipient updates
27 7,552,176 Reducing unwanted and unsolicited electronic messages by exchanging electronic message transmission policies and solving and verifying solutions to computational puzzles
28 7,552,175 Mechanism for controlling communication paths between conference members
29 7,552,148 Shutdown recovery
30 7,552,115 Method and system for efficient generation of storage reports
31 7,552,089 Method and apparatus for automatically applying/linking transactions in a financial management system
32 7,552,055 Dialog component re-use in recognition systems
33 7,552,046 Unsupervised learning of paraphrase/translation alternations and selective application thereof
34 7,552,044 Simulated storage area network
35 7,552,036 Preconditioning for stochastic simulation of computer system performance
36 7,551,789 Reversible overlap operator for efficient lossless data compression
37 7,551,784 Continuous inference for sequence data
38 7,551,779 Word or character boundary-based scratch-out gesture recognition
39 7,551,727 Unified messaging architecture
40 7,551,552 Method for providing guaranteed distributed failure notification
41 7,551,199 Computer camera system and method for reducing parallax
42 7,551,187 Systems and methods that utilize a dynamic digital zooming interface in connection with digital inking
43 7,551,181 Image region filling by exemplar-based inpainting
44 7,549,924 Instant messaging embedded games