Microsoft patents granted on 23 May 2006

38 US patents granted on 23 May 2006 and assigned to Microsoft

1 7,051,368 Methods and systems for screening input strings intended for use by web servers
2 7,051,366 Evidence-based security policy manager
3 7,051,351 System and method of inserting advertisements into an information retrieval system display
4 7,051,342 Method and system for remote automation of object oriented applications
5 7,051,330 Generic application server and method of operation therefor
6 7,051,284 Displaying information to indicate both the importance and the urgency of the information
7 7,051,282 Multi-layer graphical user interface
8 7,051,276 View templates for HTML source documents
9 7,051,275 Annotations for multiple versions of media content
10 7,051,274 Scalable computing system for managing annotations
11 7,051,273 Customizing forms in an electronic mail system utilizing custom field behaviors and user defined operations
12 7,051,220 Mechanism for reducing power consumption of a transmitter/receiver circuit
13 7,051,208 Technique for producing through watermarking highly tamper-resistant executable code and resulting “watermarked” code so formed
14 7,051,200 System and method for interfacing a software process to secure repositories
15 7,051,198 Logical volume mount manager
16 7,051,160 Software management systems and methods for automotive computing devices
17 7,051,102 Peer-to-peer name resolution protocol (PNRP) security infrastructure and method
18 7,051,087 System and method for automatic detection and configuration of network parameters
19 7,051,043 Dynamically generated schema representing multiple hierarchies of inter-object relationships
20 7,051,038 Method and system for a reporting information services architecture
21 7,051,024 Document summarizer for word processors
22 7,051,014 Utilizing information redundancy to improve text searches
23 7,051,005 Method for obtaining a black box for performing decryption and encryption functions in a digital rights management (DRM) system
24 7,050,975 Method of speech recognition using time-dependent interpolation and hidden dynamic value classes
25 7,050,964 Scaleable machine translation system
26 7,050,928 Relative range camera calibration
27 7,050,927 Capacitance touch slider
28 7,050,868 Bayesian scoring
29 7,050,867 Remote controlled system with computer-based remote control facilitator
30 7,050,798 Input device with user-balanced performance and power consumption
31 7,050,643 Adaptive encoding and decoding of bi-level images
32 7,050,632 Handwriting layout analysis of freeform digital ink input
33 7,050,607 System and method for multi-view face detection
34 7,050,408 Communicating multi-part messages between cellular devices using a standardized interface
35 7,050,097 Method and apparatus for the display of still images from image files
36 7,050,067 Hardware accelerated anti-aliased primitives using alpha gradients
37 7,050,058 Interactive water effects using texture coordinate shifting
38 7,048,198 Coded pattern for an optical device and a prepared surface