Microsoft patents granted on 23 October 2007

44 US patents granted on 23 October 2007 and assigned to Microsoft

1 7,287,276 Coordinated network initiator management that avoids security conflicts
2 7,287,259 Isolating assembly versions for binding to application programs
3 7,287,251 Source engine for transferring a resource to local secure cache
4 7,287,241 Snaplines for control object positioning
5 7,287,226 Methods and systems for effecting video transitions represented by bitmaps
6 7,287,215 System and method for facilitating the design of a website
7 7,287,172 System and method for locking user input elements for small computer devices
8 7,287,124 Lazy flushing of translation lookaside buffers
9 7,287,106 Regulating real-time data capture rates to match processor-bound data consumption rates
10 7,287,076 Performing threshold based connection status responses
11 7,287,074 Method and system for property notification
12 7,287,067 Dynamically configuring a server computer
13 7,287,058 Methods, systems and computer program products for performing document-inclusion operations over a network
14 7,287,056 Dispatching notification to a device based on the current context of a user with the device
15 7,287,054 Systems and methods for shared browsing among a plurality of online co-users
16 7,287,052 Challenge and response interaction between client and server computing devices
17 7,287,039 System and method for storing and retrieving a field of a user defined type outside of a database store in which the type is defined
18 7,287,035 Evaluating queries against in-memory objects without serialization
19 7,287,025 Systems and methods for query expansion
20 7,287,022 System and method for analytically modeling data organized according to related attributes
21 7,287,020 Sampling for queries
22 7,287,019 Duplicate data elimination system
23 7,287,012 Machine-learned approach to determining document relevance for search over large electronic collections of documents
24 7,286,982 LPC-harmonic vocoder with superframe structure
25 7,286,978 Creating a language model for a language processing system
26 7,286,930 Ghost following
27 7,286,806 Detachable radio module
28 7,286,748 Sharing live advanced streaming format indexed files
29 7,286,708 Method for encoding and serving geospatial or other vector data as images
30 7,286,705 Electronic ink as a software object
31 7,286,699 System and method facilitating pattern recognition
32 7,286,291 Show-through security packaging system for digital media
33 7,286,269 Use of an input black and white bitmap to generate emboldened anti-aliasing bitmap
34 7,286,189 Method and apparatus for encoding video content
35 7,286,143 Interactive viewpoint video employing viewpoints forming an array
36 7,286,138 Discontinuity edge overdraw
37 7,286,135 Optimizing real-time rendering of texture mapped object models relative to adjustable distortion thresholds
38 7,286,131 Generating an approximation of an arbitrary curve
39 7,286,127 Large mesh deformation using the volumetric graph Laplacian
40 7,286,121 Sub-component based rendering of objects having spatial frequency dominance parallel to the striping direction of the display
41 7,284,984 Automatic longitudinal pitch trim in aircraft combat simulation
42 7,284,697 PCMCIA-compliant smart card secured memory assembly for porting user profiles and documents
43 D553,639 Icon for a portion of a display screen
44 D553,632 Transitional image for a portion of a display screen