Microsoft patents granted on 24 February 2009

60 US patents granted on 24 February 2009 and assigned to Microsoft

1 7,496,928 Method and system for moderating thread priority boost for I/O completion
2 7,496,927 Auto-generated task sequence
3 7,496,909 Profile-driven data layout optimization
4 7,496,904 Mining dependencies for testing and risk management
5 7,496,894 Methods for enhancing pointer analyses
6 7,496,890 Generation of configuration instructions using an abstraction technique
7 7,496,889 Whitespace keywords
8 7,496,886 Method and system for providing cross project commitments
9 7,496,856 Method and apparatus for capturing and rendering text annotations for non-modifiable electronic content
10 7,496,850 Page function architectural framework
11 7,496,849 Supplying enhanced computer user’s context data
12 7,496,845 Interactive presentation viewing system employing multi-media components
13 7,496,844 Automatically laying out dialogs and control panels depending on screen size
14 7,496,837 Structural editing with schema awareness
15 7,496,830 Computer user interface architecture that saves a user’s non-linear navigation history and intelligently maintains that history
16 7,496,829 Method and apparatus for displaying multiple contexts in electronic documents
17 7,496,828 Method and system for mapping tags to classes using namespaces
18 7,496,799 System and method for monitoring the performance of a server
19 7,496,791 Mock object generation by symbolic execution
20 7,496,769 Hierarchical trusted code for content protection in computers
21 7,496,768 Providing secure input and output to a trusted agent in a system with a high-assurance execution environment
22 7,496,761 Method and system for batch task creation and execution
23 7,496,739 System and related methods for automatically configuring a computing system
24 7,496,730 System and method for reducing the number of translation buffer invalidates an operating system needs to issue
25 7,496,693 Wireless enabled speech recognition (SR) portable device including a programmable user trained SR profile for transmission to external SR enabled PC
26 7,496,682 Method for exchanging messages between entities on a network comprising an actor attribute and a mandatory attribute in the header data structure
27 7,496,677 Associating computer resources to modules in a graph based on a selected overall performance goal for the graph
28 7,496,654 Multi-threaded system for activating a process using a script engine and publishing data descriptive of the status of the process
29 7,496,649 Policy application across multiple nodes
30 7,496,648 Managed peer name resolution protocol (PNRP) interfaces for peer to peer networking
31 7,496,643 Wrapper playlists on streaming media services
32 7,496,612 Prevention of data corruption caused by XML normalization
33 7,496,611 Disambiguating globally unique identifiers after duplication
34 7,496,609 Dirty shutdown recovery of file system filters
35 7,496,602 Optimizing communication using scalable peer groups
36 7,496,599 System and method for viewing relational data using a hierarchical schema
37 7,496,583 Property tree for metadata navigation and assignment
38 7,496,582 Identification of relationships in an environment
39 7,496,576 Isolated access to named resources
40 7,496,565 Method and system for maintaining namespace consistency with a file system
41 7,496,547 Handwriting recognition using a comparative neural network
42 7,496,513 Combined input processing for a computing device
43 7,496,512 Refining of segmental boundaries in speech waveforms using contextual-dependent models
44 7,496,501 System and method for identifying base noun phrases
45 7,496,500 Systems and methods that determine intent of data and respond to the data based on the intent
46 7,496,498 Front-end architecture for a multi-lingual text-to-speech system
47 7,496,496 System and method for machine learning a confidence metric for machine translation
48 7,496,495 Virtual operating system device communication relying on memory access violations
49 7,496,492 Software-aided storage device emulation in a physical storage device
50 7,496,484 System and method for abstracting and visualizing a route map
51 7,496,283 Methods and systems for processing digital data rate and directional playback changes
52 7,496,234 System and method for seamless multiplexing of embedded bitstreams
53 7,496,232 Distinguishing text from non-text in digital ink
54 7,496,229 System and method for visual echo cancellation in a projector-camera-whiteboard system
55 7,496,202 Architecture for manufacturing authenticatable gaming systems
56 7,496,200 Architecture for manufacturing authenticatable gaming systems
57 7,495,705 Methods and systems for independently controlling the presentation speed of digital video frames and digital audio samples
58 7,495,694 Omni-directional camera with calibration and up look angle improvements
59 7,495,666 Intelligent graph range for computer algebra system
60 7,495,632 Display source divider