Microsoft patents granted on 24 July 2007

34 US patents granted on 24 July 2007 and assigned to Microsoft

1 D547,365 Type font
2 D547,321 User interface for a portion of a display screen
3 7,249,373 Uniformly representing and transferring security assertion and security response information
4 7,249,355 Unified network thread management
5 7,249,354 System and method for deploying a software build from a plurality of software builds to a target computer
6 7,249,333 Quantified boolean formula (QBF) solver
7 7,249,326 Method and system for reducing notification area clutter
8 7,249,320 Method and system for displaying a title area for a page series
9 7,249,319 Smartly formatted print in toolbar
10 7,249,316 Importing and exporting markup language data in a spreadsheet application document
11 7,249,281 Method and system for backing up and restoring data of a node in a distributed system
12 7,249,280 Cheap paxos
13 7,249,247 Common feature mode for microprocessors in a multiple microprocessor system
14 7,249,211 System and method for interrupt handling
15 7,249,162 Adaptive junk message filtering system
16 7,249,159 Notification platform architecture
17 7,249,141 Automated layout of relational databases
18 7,249,135 Method and system for schema matching of web databases
19 7,249,127 Method and apparatus for deriving logical relations from linguistic relations with multiple relevance ranking strategies for information retrieval
20 7,249,120 Method and apparatus for selecting candidate statistics to estimate the selectivity value of the conditional selectivity expression in optimize queries based on a set of predicates that each reference a set of relational database tables
21 7,249,107 Redistribution of rights-managed content
22 7,249,105 BORE-resistant digital goods configuration and distribution methods and arrangements
23 7,249,042 Method and system for visually indicating project task durations are estimated using a character
24 7,249,016 Quantization matrices using normalized-block pattern of digital audio
25 7,249,015 Classification of audio as speech or non-speech using multiple threshold values
26 7,249,012 Statistical method and apparatus for learning translation relationships among phrases
27 7,248,779 Methods, systems and data structures for timecoding media samples
28 7,248,740 Methods and systems for preventing start code emulation at locations that include non-byte aligned and/or bit-shifted positions
29 7,248,709 Dynamic volume control
30 7,248,691 Hashing using multiple sub-hashes
31 7,248,603 Asynchronous pattern
32 7,248,570 System and method for coordinating bandwidth usage of a communication channel by wireless network nodes
33 7,248,248 Pointing system for pen-based computer
34 7,248,187 Synchronizing data streams