Microsoft patents granted on 24 October 2006

27 US patents granted on 24 October 2006 and assigned to Microsoft

1 D530,720 Image for a portion of a display screen
2 7,127,742 Establishing a secure connection with a private corporate network over a public network
3 7,127,719 Methods and arrangements for providing multiple concurrent desktops and workspaces in a shared computing environment
4 7,127,709 System and method for jointly managing dynamically generated code and data
5 7,127,707 Intellisense in project upgrade
6 7,127,678 System and method to specify device specific user interface information in the firmware of a USB device
7 7,127,672 Creating and managing structured data in an electronic spreadsheet
8 7,127,642 System and method for self-diagnosing system crashes
9 7,127,582 System and method for kernel mode memory management having moveable kernel objects
10 7,127,514 Stateless distributed computer architecture with server-oriented state-caching objects maintained on network or client
11 7,127,509 System and method for synchronizing objects between two devices
12 7,127,471 Automatic pruning of orphaned objects from directory services and other databases
13 7,127,461 Controlling access to objects with rules for a work management environment
14 7,127,396 Method and apparatus for speech synthesis without prosody modification
15 7,127,127 System and method for adaptive video fast forward using scene generative models
16 7,127,120 Systems and methods for automatically editing a video
17 7,127,114 Coded block pattern encoding with spatial prediction
18 7,127,087 Pose-invariant face recognition system and process
19 7,127,071 System and process for robust sound source localization
20 7,126,964 Method and apparatus for network analysis, such as analyzing and correlating identifiers of frame relay circuits in a network
21 7,126,606 Visual and scene graph interfaces
22 7,126,602 Interactive horizon mapping
23 7,126,586 Data input devices and methods for detecting movement of a tracking surface by detecting laser doppler self-mixing effects of a frequency modulated laser light beam
24 7,126,506 Lossless adaptive encoding and decoding of integer data
25 7,126,500 Method and system for selecting grammar symbols for variable length data compressors
26 7,126,051 Audio wave data playback in an audio generation system
27 7,124,938 Enhancing smart card usage for associating media content with households