Microsoft patents granted on 26 August 2008

66 US patents granted on 26 August 2008 and assigned to Microsoft

1 D575,798 Portion of a display screen showing a user interface
2 D575,797 Portion of a display screen showing a user interface
3 D575,796 Icon for a portion of a display screen
4 D575,795 Portion of a display screen showing a transitional user interface
5 D575,790 Portion of an input device
6 D575,784 Computer input device
7 7,418,732 Network switches for detection and prevention of virus attacks
8 7,418,720 Interprocess communication mechanism for heterogeneous computer process
9 7,418,719 Method and system to support a unified process model for handling messages sent in different protocols
10 7,418,718 Runtime hosting interfaces
11 7,418,715 System and method for producing and communicating requested data among networked application programs
12 7,418,714 Employing three parameter buffer access in connection with SMBus notifications
13 7,418,712 Method and system to support multiple-protocol processing within worker processes
14 7,418,709 URL namespace to support multiple-protocol processing within worker processes
15 7,418,707 System and method for building a target operating system from a source operating system
16 7,418,700 System and method to facilitate installation and/or removal of components
17 7,418,697 Method and system for fast application debugging
18 7,418,674 Visualization of multi-dimensional data having an unbounded dimension
19 7,418,670 Hierarchical in-place menus
20 7,418,668 Glass appearance window frame colorization
21 7,418,664 Application sharing single document sharing
22 7,418,663 Contact picker interface
23 7,418,660 Method and system for caching and adapting dynamic display pages for small display devices
24 7,418,659 System and method for declaring a resource within a markup document
25 7,418,658 System and method for integrating reference material in an electronic document
26 7,418,652 Method and apparatus for interleaving parts of a document
27 7,418,649 Efficient implementation of reed-solomon erasure resilient codes in high-rate applications
28 7,418,516 Adaptive flow control protocol
29 7,418,512 Securely identifying an executable to a trust-determining entity
30 7,418,507 Virtual resource serving of consolidated server shares
31 7,418,502 Authenticating user access request with an authentication server for accessing a network server without communicating user authentication cookie to the network server
32 7,418,495 System and method for activity monitoring and reporting in a computer network
33 7,418,489 Method and apparatus for applying policies
34 7,418,486 Automatic discovery and configuration of external network devices
35 7,418,479 Peer-to-peer name resolution protocol (PNRP) security infrastructure and method
36 7,418,472 Systems and methods for determining remote device media capabilities
37 7,418,463 Transactional file system
38 7,418,462 Optimized recovery logging
39 7,418,461 Schema conformance for database servers
40 7,418,460 Method and system for enabling undo across object model modifications
41 7,418,457 Scoped metadata
42 7,418,454 Data overlay, self-organized metadata overlay, and application level multicasting
43 7,418,448 Organization structure system
44 7,418,442 Ink alternates and plain text search
45 7,418,430 Dynamic standardization for scoring linear regressions in decision trees
46 7,418,426 System and method providing rules driven subscription event processing
47 7,418,389 Defining atom units between phone and syllable for TTS systems
48 7,418,387 Generic spelling mnemonics
49 7,418,383 Noise robust speech recognition with a switching linear dynamic model
50 7,418,378 Method and apparatus for training and deployment of a statistical model of syntactic attachment likelihood
51 7,418,377 Testing a host’s support for peripheral devices
52 7,418,306 Framework for managing process including sequential actions
53 7,418,254 Mobile communication device dynamic service application and dynamic service application scripting
54 7,418,190 Accelerated access to frames from a compressed digital video stream without keyframes
55 7,418,137 System and method for accepting disparate types of user input
56 7,418,128 Elastic distortions for automatic generation of labeled data
57 7,418,006 Virtual endpoints
58 7,417,992 Adaptive bandwidth throttling for network services
59 7,417,983 Decentralized architecture and protocol for voice conferencing
60 7,417,925 Method and apparatus for characterizing and improving optical drive performance
61 7,417,650 Display and human-computer interaction for a notification platform
62 7,417,645 Markup language and object model for vector graphics
63 7,417,644 Dynamic pluggable user interface layout
64 7,417,633 Workstation for processing and producing a video signal
65 7,417,631 Reflective displays with color filter cross-talk compensation
66 7,417,626 Method for processing data quantifying force applied to one or more keys of a computer keyboard