Microsoft patents granted on 27 May 2008

69 US patents granted on 27 May 2008 and assigned to Microsoft

1 D569,917 Portion of a gaming console having an illuminated region
2 D569,888 Portion of an electronic camera
3 D569,875 Set of icons for a portion of a display screen
4 D569,814 Electronic controller
5 7,380,269 Changing code execution path using kernel mode redirection
6 7,380,264 Systems for unifying heterogeneous multimedia tuners
7 7,380,250 Method and system for interacting with devices having different capabilities
8 7,380,249 Object manager for common information model
9 7,380,235 Application program interface call replay tool
10 7,380,215 Integrated display of guages
11 7,380,212 Dynamic-template incorporation of digital images in an electronic mail message
12 7,380,204 Infrastructure for generating web content
13 7,380,203 Natural input recognition tool
14 7,380,202 Method and system for customizing and personalizing page control content
15 7,380,172 Expert software diagnostic tool
16 7,380,171 Controlling software failure data reporting and responses
17 7,380,166 Compensation framework for long running transactions
18 7,380,145 Modifying a power management algorithm based on wireless communication parameters
19 7,380,130 Methods and systems for authentication of components in a graphics system
20 7,380,087 Reclaiming application isolated storage
21 7,380,051 System and methods for an overlay disk and cache using portable flash memory
22 7,380,038 Priority registers for biasing access to shared resources
23 7,380,028 Robust delivery of video data
24 7,380,012 Wire protocol for a media server system
25 7,380,006 Method for automatic tuning of TCP receive window based on a determined bandwidth
26 7,380,003 Method and system for staged web service upgrade from an existing version to a different version
27 7,380,002 Bi-directional affinity within a load-balancing multi-node network interface
28 7,379,999 On-line service/application monitoring and reporting system
29 7,379,996 System and method for web server migration
30 7,379,971 Time-to-disconnect enforcement when communicating with wireless devices that have transient network addresses
31 7,379,951 Support for real-time queries concerning current state, data and history of a process
32 7,379,948 System and method for retrieving registry data
33 7,379,947 Efficiently ranking web pages via matrix index manipulation and improved caching
34 7,379,943 Method and system for bidirectionally data binding a control of a template
35 7,379,935 Programmable calculation engine
36 7,379,928 Method and system for searching within annotated computer documents
37 7,379,927 Type path indexing
38 7,379,918 Method and system for single reactivation of software product licenses
39 7,379,888 System and method for generating a schedule based on resource assignments
40 7,379,875 Systems and methods for generating audio thumbnails
41 7,379,874 Middleware layer between speech related applications and engines
42 7,379,867 Discriminative training of language models for text and speech classification
43 7,379,862 Method and apparatus for analyzing and debugging natural language parses
44 7,379,848 Event-based system and process for recording and playback of collaborative electronic presentations
45 7,379,843 Systems and methods for mining model accuracy display for multiple state prediction
46 7,379,709 Bluetooth smart mode switching for security and privacy
47 7,379,704 Providing collaborative services with content
48 7,379,654 Programmable video recorder backing store for non-byte stream formats
49 7,379,627 Integrated solution to digital image similarity searching
50 7,379,623 Method to quickly warp a 2-D image using only integer math
51 7,379,611 Generic image hallucination
52 7,379,607 Skip macroblock coding
53 7,379,600 Method and system for automatically determining differences in a user interface throughout a development cycle
54 7,379,597 Method and mechanism to reduce handwriting recognizer errors using multiple decision trees
55 7,379,596 System and method for personalization of handwriting recognition
56 7,379,583 Color segmentation-based stereo 3D reconstruction system and process employing overlapping images of a scene captured from viewpoints forming either a line or a grid
57 7,379,562 Determining connectedness and offset of 3D objects relative to an interactive surface
58 7,379,551 Method and system for recovering password protected private data via a communication network without exposing the private data
59 7,379,500 Low-complexity 2-power transform for image/video compression
60 7,379,496 Multi-resolution video coding and decoding
61 7,379,447 Slotted seeded channel hopping for capacity improvement in wireless networks
62 7,379,427 Distributed internet user experience monitoring system
63 7,379,076 Using pixel homogeneity to improve the clarity of images
64 7,379,074 Semantically applying formatting to a presentation model
65 7,379,071 Geometry-driven feature point-based image synthesis
66 7,379,070 Cross-platform runtime code generation for bit block transfer functions
67 7,379,047 Using a physical object to control an attribute of an interactive display application
68 7,378,966 RFID device groups
69 7,378,817 Inductive power adapter