Microsoft patents granted on 27 November 2007

32 US patents granted on 27 November 2007 and assigned to Microsoft

1 D556,208 User interface for a portion of a display screen
2 D556,180 Base for a phone
3 7,302,709 Key-based secure storage
4 7,302,689 System and related interfaces supporting the processing of media content
5 7,302,684 Systems and methods for managing a run queue
6 7,302,682 Method and system for creating a quality of service message
7 7,302,677 Event driven graph explorer for model-based testing of software
8 7,302,650 Intuitive tools for manipulating objects in a display
9 7,302,640 Language input architecture for converting one text form to another text form with tolerance to spelling, typographical, and conversion errors
10 7,302,634 Schema-based services for identity-based data access
11 7,302,613 System and method for capturing kernel-resident information
12 7,302,594 Query of bios-stored value to determine user intent at return to active state
13 7,302,590 Systems and methods for providing time-and weight-based flexibly tolerant hardware ID
14 7,302,586 Secure video card methods and systems
15 7,302,531 System and methods for sharing configuration information with multiple processes via shared memory
16 7,302,490 Media file format to support switching between multiple timeline-altered media streams
17 7,302,488 Parental controls customization and notification
18 7,302,444 System for designating grid-based database reports
19 7,302,437 Methods, systems, and computer-readable media for a global video format schema defining metadata relating to video media
20 7,302,425 Distributed pre-cached query results and refresh method
21 7,302,418 Trade-off/semantic networks
22 7,302,384 Left-corner chart parsing
23 7,302,343 Compact text encoding of latitude/longitude coordinates
24 7,302,280 Mobile phone operation based upon context sensing
25 7,302,118 Transformation of images
26 7,302,106 System and method for ink or handwriting compression
27 7,302,099 Stroke segmentation for template-based cursive handwriting recognition
28 7,302,084 Statistically comparing and matching plural sets of digital data
29 7,302,079 Stealthy secret key encoding and decoding
30 7,302,004 Content-based characterization of video frame sequences
31 7,301,548 System and method for whiteboard scanning to obtain a high resolution image
32 7,301,544 Printing tree-described documents