Microsoft patents granted on 28 August 2007

43 US patents granted on 28 August 2007 and assigned to Microsoft

1 7,263,689 Application program interface for dynamic instrumentation of a heterogeneous program in a distributed environment
2 7,263,667 Methods, apparatus and data structures for providing a user interface which facilitates decision making
3 7,263,665 Computer-implemented image acquisition system
4 7,263,660 System and method for producing a video skim
5 7,263,657 Correction widget
6 7,263,654 System and method for generating optimized binary representation of an object tree
7 7,263,632 Programmatic computer problem diagnosis and resolution and automated reporting and updating of the same
8 7,263,607 Categorizing electronic messages based on trust between electronic messaging entities
9 7,263,573 Wireless USB hardware scheduling
10 7,263,562 Method and system for describing uploaded files statement regarding federally-sponsored research or development
11 7,263,556 System and method of enhancing server throughput by minimizing timed-wait TCP control block (TWTCB) size
12 7,263,551 Distributed computing services platform
13 7,263,532 Region-based memory management for object-oriented programs
14 7,263,531 Minimum delta generator for program binaries
15 7,263,497 Secure online music distribution system
16 7,263,488 Method and apparatus for identifying prosodic word boundaries
17 7,263,487 Generating a task-adapted acoustic model from one or more different corpora
18 7,263,482 Accounting for non-monotonicity of quality as a function of quantization in quality and rate control for digital audio
19 7,263,232 Spatial extrapolation of pixel values in intraframe video coding and decoding
20 7,263,227 Activity detector
21 7,263,224 Strokes localization by m-array decoding and fast image matching
22 7,263,079 System and methods for joining the correct wireless network
23 7,263,078 Method and apparatus for scanning in wireless computing devices
24 7,262,785 Ink editing architecture
25 7,262,775 System supporting animation of graphical display elements through animation object instances
26 7,262,773 Multiple chart user interface
27 7,262,771 Systems and methods for all-frequency relighting using spherical harmonics and point light distributions
28 7,262,770 Graphics image rendering with radiance self-transfer for low-frequency lighting environments
29 7,262,769 Systems and methods for optimizing geometric stretch of a parametrization scheme
30 7,262,764 Universal computing device for surface applications
31 7,262,700 Inductive powering surface for powering portable devices
32 7,262,357 Systems for per persona processing media content-associated metadata
33 7,261,481 UV feature illumination
34 RE39,801 Automatic installation of printers in a distributed environment
35 D549,730 Icon for a Portion of a Display Screen
36 D549,728 Icon for a portion of a display screen
37 D549,727 Icon for a portion of a display screen
38 D549,726 Icon for a portion of a display screen
39 D549,723 User interface for a portion of a display screen
40 D549,720 User interface for a portion of a display screen
41 D549,719 User interface for a portion of a display screen
42 D549,718 User interface for a portion of a display screen
43 D549,716 Image for a display screen