Microsoft patents granted on 28 July 2009

57 US patents granted on 28 July 2009 and assigned to Microsoft

1 7,568,236 Methods and systems of managing concurrent access to multiple resources
2 7,568,218 Selective cross-realm authentication
3 7,568,214 Providing multiple levels of interactive television service using triggers and trigger filters
4 7,568,205 Providing remote processing services over a distributed communications network
5 7,568,204 Uniform transfer of data independent of the transfer mechanism
6 7,568,195 Determining a maximal set of dependent software updates valid for installation
7 7,568,194 Method and system for availability checking on distributed objects
8 7,568,188 Method for testing a software shim
9 7,568,183 System and method for automation testing and validation
10 7,568,182 Method and system for controlling software to facilitate cross-version collaboration of files
11 7,568,168 Method and apparatus for capturing and rendering text annotations for non-modifiable electronic content
12 7,568,167 Non-persistent user interface for real-time communication
13 7,568,165 Sidebar engine, object model and schema
14 7,568,154 System and method for adaptive document layout via manifold content
15 7,568,151 Notification of activity around documents
16 7,568,124 Driving data backups with data source tagging
17 7,568,103 Derivation and quantization of robust non-local characteristics for blind watermarking
18 7,568,101 Digital signatures with an embedded view
19 7,568,098 Systems and methods for enhancing security of communication over a public network
20 7,568,096 Rendering digital content in a content protection system according to a plurality of chained digital licenses
21 7,568,044 Method and apparatus for identifying the cause of an event occurring within a computer system
22 7,568,035 Command binding determination and implementation
23 7,568,009 Queue rendezvous
24 7,568,008 Methods for sending additional journaling e-mail messages subsequent to sending original journaling e-mail messages
25 7,568,005 Enhanced application behavior in the presence of application sharing
26 7,568,003 Publishing interface for publishing content from a content-authoring application to a content server
27 7,567,987 File sharing in P2P group shared spaces
28 7,567,986 Method and system for limiting resource usage of a version store
29 7,567,979 Expression-based web logger for usage and navigational behavior tracking
30 7,567,974 Method, system, and apparatus for configuring a data protection system
31 7,567,968 Integration of a non-relational query language with a relational data store
32 7,567,967 Business application entity subscriptions synch operation management
33 7,567,965 Presenting message attachments independent of electronic messages at a user-interface
34 7,567,962 Generating a labeled hierarchy of mutually disjoint categories from a set of query results
35 7,567,951 Method and computer-readable medium for providing access to policy information associated with electronic mail message folders
36 7,567,949 Sampling for database systems
37 7,567,944 Context based work environment
38 7,567,943 System and method for composition of mappings given by dependencies
39 7,567,895 Method and system for prioritizing communications based on sentence classifications
40 7,567,799 Daily diversion channel
41 7,567,711 Cleaning up of handwriting intra-stroke and inter-stroke overtracing
42 7,567,619 Video deblocking
43 7,567,618 Video deblocking
44 7,567,617 Predicting motion vectors for fields of forward-predicted interlaced video frames
45 7,567,586 Above-transport layer message partial compression
46 7,567,582 Branch office DNS storage and resolution
47 7,567,549 Computer telephony integration adapter
48 7,567,523 System and method for network topology discovery
49 7,567,504 Network load balancing with traffic routing
50 7,567,362 Effecting gamut operations using boundary line elements
51 7,567,258 Hardware-accelerated anti-aliased vector graphics
52 7,567,257 Partition-based undo of partitioned object graph
53 7,567,254 Parallel texture synthesis having controllable jitter
54 7,567,253 Mirror driver notification of device independent bitmap drawing calls
55 7,567,252 Optimizing performance of a graphics processing unit for efficient execution of general matrix operations
56 7,566,896 Lattice platforms for performing quantum computations
57 D597,102 Icon for a portion of a display screen