Microsoft patents granted on 28 October 2008

56 US patents granted on 28 October 2008 and assigned to Microsoft

1 7,444,677 Intentional cascade failure
2 7,444,669 Methods and systems for providing variable rates of service for accessing networks, methods and systems for accessing the internet
3 7,444,664 Multi-view video format
4 7,444,655 Anonymous aggregated data collection
5 7,444,647 Stream class driver for computer operating system
6 7,444,645 Method and system for detecting content on media and devices and launching applications to run the content
7 7,444,637 Systems and methods for scheduling coprocessor resources in a computing system
8 7,444,622 Access driven filtering
9 7,444,621 Method and system for providing a common operating system
10 7,444,598 Exploded views for providing rich regularized geometric transformations and interaction models on content for viewing, previewing, and interacting with documents, projects, and tasks
11 7,444,597 Organizing elements on a web page via drag and drop operations
12 7,444,594 Mediating conflicts in computer user’s context data
13 7,444,590 Systems and methods for declarative localization of web services
14 7,444,587 Selection services component for an extensible editor
15 7,444,584 Method and system for formulaically redirecting and modifying formula set operations in a spreadsheet application
16 7,444,583 Standard graphics specification and data binding
17 7,444,523 System and method for using address bits to signal security attributes of data in the address space
18 7,444,518 Method and apparatus for communicating authorization data
19 7,444,510 Methods and systems for accessing networks, methods and systems for accessing the internet
20 7,444,419 Media stream scheduling for hiccup-free fast-channel-change in the presence of network chokepoints
21 7,444,413 Authorization access controlled content exchange
22 7,444,403 Detecting sexually predatory content in an electronic communication
23 7,444,395 Method and apparatus for event handling in an enterprise
24 7,444,387 Locating potentially identical objects across multiple computers based on stochastic partitioning of workload
25 7,444,384 Integration of a computer-based message priority system with mobile electronic devices
26 7,444,383 Bounded-deferral policies for guiding the timing of alerting, interaction and communications using local sensory information
27 7,444,372 Peer-to-peer name resolution protocol (PNRP) security infrastructure and method
28 7,444,368 Methods and systems for selecting methodology for authenticating computer systems on a per computer system or per user basis
29 7,444,363 Database item versioning
30 7,444,352 Automatic pruning of orphaned objects from directory services and other databases
31 7,444,348 System for enhancing a query interface
32 7,444,344 Method to increase subscription scalability
33 7,444,343 Hybrid location and keyword index
34 7,444,330 Methods and systems for model matching
35 7,444,328 Keyword-driven assistance
36 7,444,327 System and method for automated optimization of search result relevance
37 7,444,321 Transforming query results into hierarchical information
38 7,444,317 System and method for managing file names for file system filter drivers
39 7,444,313 Systems and methods for optimizing decision graph collaborative filtering
40 7,444,278 Method and system for synchronizing the user interface language between a software application and a web site
41 7,444,194 Audio buffers with audio effects
42 7,444,156 User-tagging of cellular telephone locations
43 7,444,143 Wireless database environment for a small device
44 7,444,018 Method and apparatus for shot detection
45 7,444,016 Interactive images
46 7,444,015 Interactive images
47 7,444,007 Iris-based biometric identification
48 7,443,985 Systems and methods for providing secure server key operations
49 7,443,971 Computer system with do not disturb system and method
50 7,443,962 System and process for speaking in a two-way voice communication without talking using a set of speech selection menus
51 7,443,871 Method and system for managing a jitter buffer
52 7,443,807 System and process for discovery of network-connected devices
53 7,443,791 Priority mechanism for distributed sending of media data
54 7,443,531 Multiple queues handling information
55 7,443,401 Multiple-level graphics processing with animation interval generation
56 7,443,382 Scroll wheel carriage