Microsoft patents granted on 29 April 2008

35 US patents granted on 29 April 2008 and assigned to Microsoft

1 7,367,015 Method and system for software program editing in common language runtime environment (CLRE)
2 7,366,991 Method and system for providing an extensible user interface
3 7,366,984 Phonetic searching using multiple readings
4 7,366,983 Spell checker with arbitrary length string-to-string transformations to improve noisy channel spelling correction
5 7,366,982 Packages that contain pre-paginated documents
6 7,366,978 Method and system for creating a grid-like coordinate system for addressing data contained in an irregular computer-generated table
7 7,366,976 Methods and systems for generating a viewable document using view descriptors and generic view stylesheets
8 7,366,973 Item, relation, attribute: the IRA object model
9 7,366,972 Dynamically mediating multimedia content and devices
10 7,366,960 Use of incarnation number for resource state cycling
11 7,366,944 Increasing software fault tolerance by employing surprise-removal paths
12 7,366,925 Portable power management for a computing device carrying case
13 7,366,918 Configuring and managing resources on a multi-purpose integrated circuit card using a personal computer
14 7,366,915 Digital license with referral information
15 7,366,896 Systems and methods for limiting access to potentially dangerous code
16 7,366,861 Portable media synchronization manager
17 7,366,858 Framework for taking shadow copies and performing backups in a networked environment
18 7,366,825 NAND flash memory management
19 7,366,796 Method and levels of ping notification
20 7,366,792 Method and system for proxying telephony messages
21 7,366,763 Scalable notification delivery service
22 7,366,760 System and method for improved client server communications of email messages
23 7,366,740 Systems and methods for automatic maintenance and repair of enitites in a data model
24 7,366,733 Method and apparatus for reproducing play lists in record media
25 7,366,716 Integrating vertical partitioning into physical database design
26 7,366,705 Clustering based text classification
27 7,366,654 Learning translation relationships among words
28 7,366,546 Sports channel
29 7,366,500 SMS shorthand dictionary service
30 7,366,237 Low complexity real-time video coding
31 7,366,172 Receiver-driven layered error correction multicast over heterogeneous packet networks
32 7,366,097 Increasing the accuracy and efficiency of admission control for data streams
33 7,365,872 Client computer system, method and computer readable medium comprising executable instructions for rendering printable documents in a native printer language on the network
34 7,365,758 System and method for scaling data according to an optimal width for display on a mobile device
35 7,365,754 System and method for applying color management on captured images