Microsoft patents granted on 29 August 2006

31 US patents granted on 29 August 2006 and assigned to Microsoft

1 D527,375 Remote control device
2 7,100,172 System and method for changing operation of an application without recompiling
3 7,100,170 System and method employing script-based device drivers
4 7,100,167 Method and apparatus for creating templates
5 7,100,153 Compiler generation of a late binding interface implementation
6 7,100,123 Electronic content search and delivery based on cursor location
7 7,100,120 Per-property browser having property browsing list with drop list button
8 7,100,119 Page bar control
9 7,100,112 Dynamic properties of documents and the use of these properties
10 7,100,109 Identifying URL references in script included in markup language documents
11 7,100,106 Mirroring operations performed on linked files and folders
12 7,100,046 VPN enrollment protocol gateway
13 7,100,040 Apparatus and method to decrease boot time and hibernate awaken time of a computer system
14 7,099,991 Automotive computing devices with emergency power shut down capabilities
15 7,099,954 Congestion control mechanism for streaming media
16 7,099,952 Transportable identifier and system and method to facilitate access to broadcast data
17 7,099,886 Method and apparatus for identifying programming object attributes
18 7,099,860 Image retrieval systems and methods with semantic and feature based relevance feedback
19 7,099,798 Event-based system and process for recording and playback of collaborative electronic presentations
20 7,099,723 Providing distributed scene programming of a home automation and control system
21 7,099,689 Energy-aware communications for a multi-radio system
22 7,099,521 Real-time wide-angle image correction system and method for computer image viewing
23 7,099,516 System and method for progressively transforming and coding digital data
24 7,099,515 Bitplane coding and decoding for AC prediction status information
25 7,099,514 Distributing limited storage among a collection of media objects
26 7,099,505 Method for boosting the performance of machine-learning classifiers
27 7,099,504 Pattern detection methods and systems and face detection methods and systems
28 7,098,920 Methods and systems for animating facial features and methods and systems for expression transformation
29 7,098,911 Placing feathers on a surface
30 7,098,892 Remote scroll wheel sensing using a cable
31 7,098,868 Display source divider