Microsoft patents granted on 29 September 2009

45 US patents granted on 29 September 2009 and assigned to Microsoft

1 D601,170 Icon for a display screen
2 D601,169 Icon for a display screen
3 D601,168 Icon for a display screen
4 D601,167 Icon for a display screen
5 D601,166 Color icon for a portion of a display screen
6 D601,165 Icon for a display screen
7 D601,164 Icon for a display screen
8 D601,159 Icon for a display screen
9 D601,131 Portion of a remote controller
10 D601,130 Portion of a remote controller
11 D601,129 Portion of a remote controller
12 7,596,787 Method and system for accessing drawing resources
13 7,596,785 Automatic computer program customization based on a user information store
14 7,596,782 Software build extensibility
15 7,596,780 System and method for virtual catching of an exception
16 7,596,767 System and process for controlling electronic components in a ubiquitous computing environment using multimodal integration
17 7,596,760 System and method for selecting a tab within a tabbed browser
18 7,596,754 Application assistance
19 7,596,752 Delaying optimal paragraph layout during editing
20 7,596,747 Incrementally parsing style sheets
21 7,596,720 Application health checks
22 7,596,692 Cryptographic audit
23 7,596,671 Pre-paid computer monitoring hardware
24 7,596,625 Peer-to-peer grouping interfaces and methods
25 7,596,615 Multi-server automated redundant service configuration
26 7,596,610 Method and system for installing applications via a display page
27 7,596,597 Recommending contacts in a social network
28 7,596,584 Predicate based group management
29 7,596,582 Methods and systems for synchronizing visualizations with audio streams
30 7,596,577 Methods and systems for specifying a user interface for an application
31 7,596,576 System and method for providing user defined types in a database system
32 7,596,568 System and method to resolve ambiguity in natural language requests to determine probable intent
33 7,596,558 System and method for obtaining user feedback for relevance tuning
34 7,596,556 Determination of useful convergence of static rank
35 7,596,534 Computer implemented methods for solving difference and non-difference linear constraints
36 7,596,498 Monitoring, mining, and classifying electronically recordable conversations
37 7,596,494 Method and apparatus for high resolution speech reconstruction
38 7,596,488 System and method for real-time jitter control and packet-loss concealment in an audio signal
39 7,596,485 Module for creating a language neutral syntax representation using a language particular syntax tree
40 7,596,475 Efficient gradient computation for conditional Gaussian graphical models
41 7,596,234 Method and apparatus for playback of audio files
42 7,596,180 Extensible multimedia application program interface and related methods
43 7,596,091 Unified congestion notification mechanism for reliable and unreliable protocols by augmenting ECN
44 7,595,798 Application sharing user interface improvements
45 7,594,847 Squad command interface for console-based video game