Microsoft patents granted on 30 June 2009

57 US patents granted on 30 June 2009 and assigned to Microsoft

1 D595,328 Portion of an electronic camera
2 D595,311 Icon for a portion of a display screen
3 D595,310 Set of icons for a portion of a display screen
4 D595,308 Graphic user window and interface region border image for a display screen
5 D595,296 Electronic mouse
6 7,555,784 Method and system for safely disclosing identity over the internet
7 7,555,781 Security component for a computing device
8 7,555,775 Recovering from device failure
9 7,555,757 Application program interface for network software platform
10 7,555,756 Dynamic reconfiguration of multimedia stream processing modules
11 7,555,749 Software updating system and method
12 7,555,744 Method and system for debugging a program from within a thread of execution of the program
13 7,555,722 Dynamic link control object for dynamically presenting link options in connection with a content management server system
14 7,555,708 Mechanism for converting text output into objects
15 7,555,707 Method and system for data binding in a block structured user interface scripting language
16 7,555,705 Annotation management in a pen-based computing system
17 7,555,663 Method and apparatus for managing power in network interface modules
18 7,555,656 Exclusive encryption
19 7,555,619 Efficient per-object operations in software transactional memory
20 7,555,596 Systems and methods for attaching a virtual machine virtual hard disk to a host machine
21 7,555,573 Initiating software responses based on a hardware action
22 7,555,554 System and method for generating selectable extension to media transport protocol
23 7,555,543 Server architecture for network resource information routing
24 7,555,540 Media foundation media processor
25 7,555,534 Phonetic name support in an electronic directory
26 7,555,531 Efficient algorithm and protocol for remote differential compression
27 7,555,518 Relative quality value
28 7,555,516 Fast Paxos recovery
29 7,555,515 Asynchronous pipeline
30 7,555,506 Partial deserialization of complex type objects
31 7,555,497 Systems and methods for separating units of information manageable by a hardware/software interface system from their physical organization
32 7,555,488 Prefetching and caching persistent objects
33 7,555,484 Load balancing based on cache content
34 7,555,480 Comparatively crawling web page data records relative to a template
35 7,555,473 Partial pre-aggregation in relational database queries
36 7,555,451 Cash flow forecasting
37 7,555,426 Method and apparatus for dynamic grammars and focused semantic parsing
38 7,555,420 Method and system for network emulation
39 7,555,418 Procedure summaries for multithreaded software
40 7,555,412 Communication efficient spatial search in a sensor data web portal
41 7,555,257 Stock channel and news channel
42 7,555,196 Methods and systems for synchronizing timecodes when sending indices to client devices
43 7,555,167 Skip macroblock coding
44 7,554,986 System and method for locating a data frame within a transmitted data stream
45 7,554,976 Method and system for transferring a packet stream to RDMA
46 7,554,925 Method and system for creating a quality of service message
47 7,554,922 Method and system for providing adaptive bandwidth control for real-time communication
48 7,554,920 Method and system for dynamically adjusting transmit and receive parameters for handling negative acknowledgments in reliable multicast
49 7,554,682 Printer filter configuration
50 7,554,606 EPG-conditioned letterbox-to-anamorphic conversion
51 7,554,550 Non-destructive processing of digital image data
52 7,554,544 Just-in-time user interface layout
53 7,554,543 System and method for exact rendering in a zooming user interface
54 7,554,529 Smart soft keyboard
55 7,554,528 Method and apparatus for computer input using six degrees of freedom
56 7,554,522 Personalization of user accessibility options
57 7,552,862 User-controlled profile sharing