Microsoft patents granted on 30 March 2010

85 US patents granted on 30 March 2010 and assigned to Microsoft

1 D612,882 Electronic camera
2 D612,862 User interface for a portion of a display screen
3 D612,861 Transitional background for a portion of a display screen
4 7,690,045 On-the-fly contents-based access control system
5 7,690,036 Special group logon tracking
6 7,690,026 Distributed single sign-on service
7 7,690,005 Bluetooth TDI and winsock interface
8 7,690,000 Metadata journal for information technology systems
9 7,689,998 Systems and methods that manage processing resources
10 7,689,994 System and method for specifying and executing temporal order events
11 7,689,987 Systems and methods for stack-jumping between a virtual machine and a host environment
12 7,689,985 Versioning support for drivers frameworks
13 7,689,972 System and method for producing software patches
14 7,689,937 Method and system for displaying categorized information on a user interface
15 7,689,929 Methods and systems of providing information to computer users
16 7,689,927 Viewable document section
17 7,689,926 Selective window exclusion for captured content
18 7,689,925 Copy and paste extensibility
19 7,689,922 Integrated experience of vogue system and method for shared integrated online social interaction
20 7,689,921 User interface for managing multiple network resources
21 7,689,919 Requesting computer user’s context data
22 7,689,911 Highlight rendering services component for an extensible editor
23 7,689,908 Method and system for a target device display simulation
24 7,689,875 Watchdog timer using a high precision event timer
25 7,689,843 Ultra wide band power save
26 7,689,842 Always ready computing device
27 7,689,800 Partition bus
28 7,689,795 Smart card with volatile memory file subsystem
29 7,689,791 Protection of content stored on portable memory from unauthorized usage
30 7,689,780 Adaptive granularity refinement in detecting potential data races
31 7,689,747 Systems and methods for an augmented interrupt controller and synthetic interrupt sources
32 7,689,733 Method and apparatus for policy-based direct memory access control
33 7,689,720 Method for establishing and maintaining a shared view of time in a peer-to-peer network
34 7,689,703 Systems and methods of utilizing and expanding standard protocol
35 7,689,700 Configuration of a peer group
36 7,689,686 Active probing for sustainable capacity estimation of networked dataflows
37 7,689,676 Model-based policy application
38 7,689,674 Selective exclusion of LSPs on a per-packet basis
39 7,689,672 Collecting user attributes and device attributes to target users with promotions
40 7,689,665 Dynamically loading scripts
41 7,689,652 Using IP address and domain for email spam filtering
42 7,689,648 Dynamic peer network extension bridge
43 7,689,647 Systems and methods for removing duplicate search engine results
44 7,689,626 System and method for locating log records in multiplexed transactional logs
45 7,689,625 Taxonomy object modeling
46 7,689,624 Graph-based search leveraging sentiment analysis of user comments
47 7,689,622 Identification of events of search queries
48 7,689,616 Techniques for specifying and collecting data aggregations
49 7,689,615 Ranking results using multiple nested ranking
50 7,689,607 Database page mirroring
51 7,689,605 Systems and methods for proactive caching utilizing OLAP variants
52 7,689,604 Complex datastore with bitmap checking
53 7,689,589 System and method for content retrieval
54 7,689,585 Reinforced clustering of multi-type data objects for search term suggestion
55 7,689,583 Flexible data presentation enabled by metadata
56 7,689,564 Apparatus and computer-readable media for determining whether an existing map specifies a different content type than the content type that is specified for the specified resource name extension in a web distributed authoring and versioning (WebDAV) request
57 7,689,548 Recommending keywords based on bidding patterns
58 7,689,547 Encrypted data search
59 7,689,525 Relationship view
60 7,689,524 Dynamic environment evaluation and service adjustment based on multiple user profiles including data classification and information sharing with authorized other users
61 7,689,521 Continuous time bayesian network models for predicting users’ presence, activities, and component usage
62 7,689,520 Machine learning system and method for ranking sets of data using a pairing cost function
63 7,689,458 Systems and methods for determining bid value for content items to be placed on a rendered page
64 7,689,438 Method, apparatus and system for communicating healthcare information to and from a portable, hand-held device
65 7,689,421 Voice persona service for embedding text-to-speech features into software programs
66 7,689,420 Personalizing a context-free grammar using a dictation language model
67 7,689,419 Updating hidden conditional random field model parameters after processing individual training samples
68 7,689,413 Speech detection and enhancement using audio/video fusion
69 7,689,412 Synonymous collocation extraction using translation information
70 7,689,410 Lexical semantic structure
71 7,689,408 Identifying language of origin for words using estimates of normalized appearance frequency
72 7,689,052 Multimedia signal processing using fixed-point approximations of linear transforms
73 7,689,051 Predictive lossless coding of images and video
74 7,689,033 Robust multi-view face detection methods and apparatuses
75 7,688,912 Data pulse spectrum control
76 7,688,894 Scan patterns for interlaced video content
77 7,688,805 Webserver with telephony hosting function
78 7,688,788 Congestion level and signal quality based estimator for bit-rate and automated load balancing for WLANS
79 7,688,780 Data packet transmission for channel-sharing collocated wireless devices
80 7,688,718 Variable-sized packet support for enhanced synchronous connection oriented links over a USB interface
81 7,688,686 Enhanced table of contents (TOC) identifiers
82 7,688,466 Smart display printer
83 7,688,317 Texture mapping 2-D text properties to 3-D text
84 7,688,312 Touch-sensitive device for scrolling a document on a display
85 7,686,693 Use of online messaging to facilitate selection of participants in game play