Microsoft patents granted on 31 July 2007

33 US patents granted on 31 July 2007 and assigned to Microsoft

1 7,251,834 Filtering a permission set using permission requests associated with a code assembly
2 7,251,827 In-line sign in
3 7,251,822 System and methods providing enhanced security model
4 7,251,812 Dynamic software update
5 7,251,810 Minimal instrumentation for lossless call profiling
6 7,251,790 Media browsing system displaying thumbnails images based on preferences of plurality of users and placing the thumbnails images at a scene change
7 7,251,786 Meeting information
8 7,251,778 Method and system for dynamically adapting the layout of a document to an output device
9 7,251,732 Password synchronization in a sign-on management system
10 7,251,696 System and methods enabling a mix of human and automated initiatives in the control of communication policies
11 7,251,694 Peer-to peer name resolution protocol (PNRP) security infrastructure and method
12 7,251,669 System and method for database versioning
13 7,251,655 Project-based configuration management method and apparatus
14 7,251,653 Method and system for mapping between logical data and physical data
15 7,251,648 Automatically ranking answers to database queries
16 7,251,646 Minimal difference query and view matching
17 7,251,644 Processing an electronic document for information extraction
18 7,251,639 System and method for feature selection in decision trees
19 7,251,636 Scalable methods for learning Bayesian networks
20 7,251,600 Disambiguation language model
21 7,251,495 Command based group SMS with mobile message receiver and server
22 7,251,409 Cable strain relief design for limited space through-hole applications
23 7,251,322 Systems and methods for echo cancellation with arbitrary playback sampling rates
24 7,251,315 Speech processing for telephony API
25 7,250,965 System and method for calibrating a camera with one-dimensional objects
26 7,250,955 System for displaying a notification window from completely transparent to intermediate level of opacity as a function of time to indicate an event has occurred
27 7,250,936 System and process for selecting objects in a ubiquitous computing environment
28 7,250,907 System and methods for determining the location dynamics of a portable computing device
29 7,250,624 Quasi-particle interferometry for logical gates
30 7,249,856 Electrostatic bimorph actuator
31 D547,766 Icon for a portion of a display screen
32 D547,763 Portion of a game controller
33 D547,759 Keyboard